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JTV 1.9 not working correctly
by Inerzia on 2012-11-17 13:33:23.8440

Some days ago, I updated my JTV89 to 1.9 flash memory.
There's a noticeable improvement in palm muting, but the new models have not been writen into the guitar.
When I select any of the five positions in Custom1 bank, a very neutral and weak tone comes out when I play.
It's the same tone all through the five positions, and it doesn't admit alternate tunings. What's wrong?

I did it through my HD500 at first, downloading the flash memory both separately and with the monkey,

and then I tried doing it with the Variax USB Interface, and the result was the same.
Can anyone help? Is this happening to anybody else?

Re: JTV 1.9 not working correctly
by Inerzia on 2012-11-28 19:03:52.2380

Just so you all know, after rolling back to 1.82, I installed 1.9 back again and everything is working as expected
BTW, yes, the new models are based on the five positions of the magnetic pickups, in fact, when
I opened that bank in workbench, I could see that all five positions are named after their corresponding

positions on the magnetic side:

  1. 89-Bridge
  2. 89-Bridge tap
  3. 89-Brdg/neck
  4. 89-Neck tap
  5. 89-Neck

Palm muting is better overall, not just on the new models.

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