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Good inline XLR pad for X3L output
by adessmith on 2012-11-17 21:48:59.6900

I've been using an X3L direct to PA for a while at church and I've always wrestled with this one thing...
Our console does not have a pad switch on the channels, and if I use the "fixed" output, its way too hot going to the console and causes clipping.
I occasionally play other places and sometimes plug into other PA systems. Sometimes they have a pad, and sometimes they dont.
I typically just leave the master volume at 1/2 and that gets about where I need to be. I usually keep it there, but sometimes I come home and practice with headphones, or it gets bumped packing up and I dont realize it until the start of the next service where my level is off considerably. I would prefer to use the fixed output, but have to have a way to provide my own pad.

I have seen inline XLR pads in the past, and was wondering if anyone here has experience with them.
I would want one that is like a short cable, not the "barrel" style...
How would this impact the tone?
Any recomendations of a specific product?

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