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Connecting phone to M9
by clarnibass on 2012-11-18 00:42:32.1870


I want to connect my phone (Samsung Galaxy) to my M9, to one of the inputs. The signal from the phone is stereo. I have a few options and I'm not sure which is best. Eventually I will make a monoing cable but for now I can't and have to choose one of the other options.

1. Convert the stereo file to a mono file and use a mono cable. I don't know if it's possible that the signal will pass through the non-existing conductor so there won't be any sound?

2. Same but using a stereo cable. Is it possible that the signal will pass through the conductor that isn't sending anything to the M9? Or maybe some other problem?

3. Convert the stereo file into a stereo with both sides identical, copied from the above converted mono file. Then use a mono cable.

4. Same as (3) but using a stereo cable.


Re: Connecting phone to M9
by phil_m on 2012-11-18 06:19:17.7500

Why not just keep the signal stereo? Or are you hooking the M9 up to an amp in a mono configuration? If you want to sum both sides to a 1/4" jack, you could just get a cable like this:">"> It would essentially do the same thing as your first option, but you wouldn't have to create a mono audio file. Generally, it's OK to use a TRS (stereo) cable even if you're only sending a mono signal. The "ring" portion of the TRS plug won't have anything connected to it on the mono side, so that circuit simply wouldn't be closed.

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