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Pod hd 500 via power brick
by axus73 on 2012-11-18 02:35:49.6080

Ha guys,

I have a pod hd 500 in a pedal board with some other pedals.

Some of them are 18v like fulltone OCD, and even 24v like eh deluxe electric mistress.

Now i start having to many power supplies and noises, so i am looking around for a brick type power supply to connect everything in the same spot.

Pod hd 500 too.

Are there any issues about doing so, anyone found something capable to do this??

I know pod has particular ma output needed,

Let me know if anyone found a solution.

See ya!

Re: Pod hd 500 via power brick
by jimsreynolds on 2012-11-18 04:37:34.4030

I don't recall anyhone highlighting an actual multipedal PSU that could handle the Pod HD.  The problem is that although the voltage requirements are modest (9V DC), the current requirements are way higher than most guitar gear.  The sticker on the the bottom of my HD500 claims a minimum 2.5A draw is required and the standard PSU supplied with the Pod (DC-3g) supplies more than that.

Two options that may be of interest.

1)  if front of stage clutter is an issue then you might consider something like a pedalsnake.  This allows you to route signal and power through a single snake to front of stage and therefore keeps all the PSUs out of the line of fire.  The rub is that, on paper, the pedalsnake cannot handle the power required by the Pod HD.  With that said, we had some positive messages from the vendor posted on this forum along with positive testimonies from users.  Details in this thread -->">"> .  Make of it what you will.

2)  Someone suggested a multipedal PSU that came with a built in AC slave socket that allows you to plug a secondary PSU into it.  This means that you have the main PSU providing power to any pedals and units that can run on standard 9V/18V with modest current requirements and then plug the Line 6 PSU into the slave socket to power the Pod.  This ain't perfect but at least means that you just need the one mains power connection at stage front.

Can't recall the name of the product but will post if I find it again.  More 'warranty-friendly' too

Re: Pod hd 500 via power brick
by jimsreynolds on 2012-11-18 04:45:31.7890

Yeah, here you go ...">">

Voodoo Lab Pedal Power II Plus.   Ain't cheap though.  Other products may do the same ....

Re: Pod hd 500 via power brick
by axus73 on 2012-11-18 12:43:08.0290

The thread talks about a courtesy jack in the back of the brick that can handle the pod.

I do not understand if i should connect there the original pod power supply or another type of cable that goes direct in the pod socket.

In the first scenario i think it is not a solution cos' i should keep the power supply i want to substitute and what's more inside my pedalboard.

Maybe it's better going the old way...

Re: Pod hd 500 via power brick
by jimsreynolds on 2012-11-18 12:47:38.8530

The 'Courtesy Jack' is simply an AC 'wall socket'  built into the unit that allows you to plug another adapter in.  Nothing clever but you can plug any adaptor into it.

It effectively turns the Pedal Power Plus into an mains extension lead!

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