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M20d as audio interface with HD Pro hardware reamping?
by silverhead on 2012-11-18 14:21:46.3900

I am considering getting an M20d. I know it is designed for live performance rather than a studio mixer,and that's primarily why I would get it,  but it does offer recording capabilities over usb to a DAW.  So that got me wondering about the following workflow in the studio, aimed at using the M20d as the audio interface and the Pod HD Pro as an external FX processor as opposed to a DAW-based vst plugin. Has anybody tried this, or have any opinion on whether it will/should work?

Here's the workflow:

- record the stereo mix of the rhythm section of a song into your DAW using the M20d as described in the manual. You could also record the individual channel inputs if you wish.

- as part of the above setup, or later, record a dry guitar track using the HD Pro Dry Out into an M20d channel. If part of the above setup you would record at least this one channel input, but not the wet guitar signal (i.e. do not connect the HD Pro audio outputs to the M20d).

Now you have a stereo rhythm mix (without the guitar) and the guitar's dry track in your DAW. If you want to reamp with a vst plugin, proceed as usual. But could you use the HD Pro hardware through the M20d to reamp as follows? Recognizing that the DAW playback streams to the M20d in Aux channels 17 and 18, and ASSUMING that tracks can be assigned for playback to each separately (big assumption?):

- in your DAW, select the dry track and assign it to M20d channel 17

- bounce the stereo mix of the rhythm section to a mono track and assign it to M20d channel 18 (presumably leaving it a stereo signal will defeat the purpose because it will no longer be isolated from the dry guitar signal in 17, resulting in eventual feedback)

- in the M20d, assign channel 17 to Monitor A and Channel 18 to the mains

- connect Monitor A output to the HD Pro Guitar input

- connect HD Pro audio outputs to an M20d stereo input channel.

Now, when you press PLAY in your DAW, will you hear the HD Pro processed guitar signal (defined by the current HD Pro preset/patch) in the M20d mains along with a mono image of the previously recorded rhythm section? If so, you could then use the M20d to record just the stereo channel input representing the reamped guitar signal. Play it back with the originally recorded stereo rhythm section, and repeat as often as necessary to get the exact reamping that you want.

Again if this works, any suggestions about how to retain the stereo mix of the rhythm section without defeating the reamping due to a feedback loop in the M20d?

Any thoughts, experiences, and opinions are welcome.

.... or is all of this just wishful thinking....???

Re: M20d as audio interface with HD Pro hardware reamping?
by dboomer on 2012-11-19 10:07:27.3120

The M20d was not intended to be a recording interface.  While it can act as one it would be difficult under most circumstances to use it while overdubbing because currently the latency is too high.  This may change in the future but for now it is not suitable for this purpose.

The information above may not be current, and you should direct questions to the current forum or review the manual.