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High gain sound when i switch effects. HELP!
by Jamesdt on 2012-11-18 18:51:26.2730

I`m having a problem with my Pod Hd Pro and the FBV footswitch. Whenever i switch effects (from 2A -->2B, as a example) for a second i get a really LOUD noise

of the new effect i am, and when i go back, or on to the other (2B --> 2C) i get the really loud sound again. I got the units for 3 months, and

only for a month or so i have this problem. Its really bothering me, and when i play live it really messes up the sound.

I would appreciate if anyone could help me!


Re: High gain sound when i switch effects. HELP!
by mazuwa on 2012-11-19 04:03:45.1250

It may happen when there are significant differences in volume. One reason can be the NoiseGate, when suddenly the tone sets in.

Save the two tones with deactivated NoiseGate and try again to see if this is the reason.

On the other hand side, if you have updated the firmware, maybe you have forgotten to do a global reset (and expression pedal calibration).

Re: High gain sound when i switch effects. HELP!
by Jamesdt on 2012-11-19 05:53:47.9510

Hei there, thanks alot for the answer!

I also had a problem with the new Flash Memory update, it allways showed me an error. I switched the USB port from my PC. At first, when

i had the footswitch problems i also had the update problem (i was using the front USB ports) but i switched it with one frme the back of my

unit and now everything works fine, the update went nice, and my footswitch problem is gone. I also did what you said, with the noisegate,

and the gap between changing the effects is smaller than before and it dosent make de high gain sound anymore.

Thanks alot!


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