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by blah_man on 2012-11-19 13:29:44.6790

everthing is working fine but i do have a slight problem. when i make an awesome guitar tone in pod farm it sounds great and whenever i load pro tools and use

pod farm as a plug in for some really weird reason it sounds different.  i was wondering if it's my interface that is making the tone sound different in pro tools or

the tone i am making really sounds like that. i hope you people could help me.

by hulbert on 2012-11-19 20:28:51.2480

Hi there,

    There are a few things you could try. The first is try both of the pod farm plugin versions - mono and stereo. As far as I know Pod Farm Standalone creates a stereo tone and so the mono version would sound a bit different. I use mono on all of my guitar tracks and I sometimes notice a difference too. You might be using the stereo one already but try it and see if it sounds different.

Also, in the plugin, you have the input knob up the top left, and if you might need to adjust this a bit. I keep mine at 0 but sometimes you might want it changed. (Also, maybe the output knob.)

Also, its possible that in pro tools, that the track level is being set 'before' it enters pod farm, and so if the level of the track is changed, the input to pod farm would also. Its probably not this but if it is, you could change it so that the level is set 'after' effects.

Also, if there are any compressors or things on master tracks this would change things too (probably not this- but just mentioning it in case), and also maybe different sample rates i.e. if pro tools is set at a lower sample rate than what the standalone pod farm uses.

Also, if the noise gate is on in one version but not in the other, or at a different setting, this can change the tone a lot.

Another thing could be that D.I. level is turned on/or at one setting in one and not on or at a different amount on the other - if on -giving some dry guitar sound with it.

Other possibility I have wondered about when playing, is that we can hear the guitar's natural sound when we are playing and we hear the effected sound too whereas when we listen to it back in a DAW, we only hear the recorded guitar and not the extra sound we hear from the guitar/strings with our ears while playing.

Maybe someone else can give some ideas.


God Bless,


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