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Problem with adjusting back to "Clean Setting"?
by closepursuit on 2012-11-19 13:46:55.2600

Recently I purchased a Spider IV 15 amp. It's a very nice little amp with surprisingly great sound. Here's my problem. I will adjust a very nice clean sound with just a slight bit of reverb. Then when I switch to anything else (Crunch, metal, or insane). However, when I try to return to my clean setting, no longer do I have that slight bit of reverb. Now I have an oversatured chorus and echo repeat sound. I set both effects knobs back to "off" , but the problem still reoccurs. It doesn't seem to matter where I position the knobs. I tried resetting to factory settings, but it didn't work. The manual is very scant and only serves to provide basic information on functionality.

Has any one else encountered this phenomenon? I'm trying to figure out whether or not this is a malfuntion or if this is typical; I can't imagine why the amp would do this.

Any suggestions or insights would be well appreciated.

Re: Problem with adjusting back to "Clean Setting"?
by Rowbi on 2012-11-19 15:15:47.2990

You need to save your changed settings to the clean preset as when you press one of the channel buttons, the amp recalls saved settings and it ignores the knob positions.

If I recall corectly, if you press clean, then when you have adjusted the knobs, press and hold the clean button and the amp will store the current settings you can hear in the clean preset.  Then when you press the clean button later it will reload what you expect it to.

To get back to the original settings, just reset the amp to factory.



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