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More questions about my new JTV59 and using it with the HD500
by AlphaScorpious on 2012-11-19 21:02:31.2770

For starters, the 1/2 and whole step down sound like a 50/50 mix of standard and 1/2 or whole step down. This is from the manual: Be sure you amplify your signal enough to drown out the natural acoustics of your guitar or you might hear some odd modulations from it blending with the amplified sound. What signal? The amp sim from the HD500? My PA's volume? Am I getting a signal from the Variax AND the magnetic pickups?

The VDI cable: Which end plugs into the guitar and which into the HD500? Either end can plug into either port but is there a specific way? And why is one end encased in that metal housing and the other end isn't, anyway?

HD500 Edit: In the INPUTS section what is the GUITAR IN-Z setting for?

Also, is there a specific control setup on the Variax that I need to have set in order to have the HD500 change Variax models when I change patches?

Re: More questions about my new JTV59 and using it with the HD500
by LewisBrunton on 2012-11-20 02:55:26.0300


simple answer to your first question: If you play your variax through an amp with the volume set low and the guitar set to be detuned (whether that is 1/2 step / whole step / open tuning etc) you will hear the detuned sound coming through your amp (to your ears) and the natural acoustic sound from the guitar itself (the unplugged sound to your ears) so you will hear both a standard tuning sound and a detuned sound - together they will sound crap - so the paragraph in the Line 6 manual is suggesting that you turn up the amp loud enough to drown out the acoustic sound of the guitar.

You can use the VDI cable either way round, but I would suggest using the metal end by the guitar as it will be more robust.

Regarding the guitar IN-Z setting th manual says the following: Select the input impedance of the Guitar input. This feature affects tone and feel because your guitar pickups are being loaded as they would be by an effect pedal or a tube amplifier. (Note: The Guitar In-Z setting affects the GUITAR IN input only. Please see the Impedance Ratings table at the end of this section to reference the input impedance of each individual model.) For a comprehensive explantion I would suggest reading section 2.4 of the Advanced HD500 manual.



Re: More questions about my new JTV59 and using it with the HD500
by Rewolf48 on 2012-11-20 04:55:57.1190

VDI cable - the one provided with the JTV is for doing firmware updates or workbench changes - the encased end goes in the guitar and the standard network connection end goes in the USD adaptor that also came with the JTV.

For connecting a JTV to an HD500 you should get a proper VDI cable which is a seperate purchase - this has the metal casing on both ends to avoid damage to the socket should it get pulled, is much longer and is also much more flexible like a proper guitar lead.  Retailers that sell JTV will also sell this cable which is also sold by Line-6 online: if you don't like the L6 price you can get "Ethercon" cables which are Cat-5 ethernet cables with Neutrik protectors from other sources - see this discussion:">">

You don't need to do anything to the JTV to get HD500 to control it - with the VDI cable connecting them the JTV will automatically recognise the HD500 and output both Models and Mags to the correct channels.  When you go into the Variax configuration settings on the HD500 (under Settings) you can change the Models and Tunings and disable/lock the JTV controls which allows you to assign them as HD500 controllers without changing your tone.

Re: More questions about my new JTV59 and using it with the HD500
by AlphaScorpious on 2012-11-20 21:27:18.2630

Ok, thanks. And I guess I expected the HD500 Edit manual to cover it's own interface. I don't ever adjust the HD500 with the onboard controls so I never looked in the manual.

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