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Recordinglevel to low
by WaldoPepper on 2012-11-19 23:19:29.4020


we have a M20d for testing. Everything seems to work fine and its fun to work with it.

one thing we do not understand is the recordlevel.

if we use Auto trim the recordlevel of the tracks are very low.

if i import the tracks into the DAW i have to gain ~15db for normalizing.

is this intentional? are the 15db reserved for Headroom?

Of course if we gain by our own and drive it a little "hotter" the levels seems OK

but if we have to gain by our own the Auto trim funktion makes no sense for us.



Re: Recordinglevel to low
by line6jonb on 2012-11-20 17:49:08.8340


There may be additional gain that you can use at the pre-amp without clipping your signal.  The best way to ensure your hottest level without clipping is to be sure to play the loudest part of your performance when performing the auto trim function.  However, if your performance is that dynamic to where the rest of your performance is too low, you may want to try performing the auto-trim while playing one of your louder parts - but not THE loudest. 

Make sure you are not using the Level to make up gain that is lacking in your preamp. 

Keep in mind that the recording of individual tracks is done at the input just after the trim and before the DSP presets so any makeup gain by your compressor or EQ's is not recorded.


Re: Recordinglevel to low
by eddie14107 on 2012-11-21 16:53:59.9860

I'm also having the same problem of recording playback level are very low. Would it be better to not use auto trim?Please provide more detail. I do not want to use a DAW to increase levels, I want to be able to use the M20d to mix levels to the mainmix, then take my mainmix  from SD card to my PC and burn to CD for my band members to hear without them having to turn up the volume on their sterios full blast and still not get a decent level. I thank you in advance for you're advice.

Re: Recordinglevel to low
by ArneLine6 on 2012-11-23 18:11:37.6210

The main output is recorded post fader. If your master fader is at a low level then the recording is at a low level as well. The main output is recorded post fader because the pre fader signal can be very hot since it is 32 bit floating point and it would be clipping very easily when recorded in 24 bit.

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