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M13 not working...
by conordempsey on 2012-11-20 09:34:14.5320

I plugged in my midi interface cable into my m13 for the 1st time (not really knowing what I was doing)

Input to Input
Out to Out

Then I plugged the USB part into my computer and it hasn't worked since! The true bypass works... but when I flick on an effect, the signal is cut!
When I plugged in the midi cable, the screens when a faded red colour...I got the impression it was trying to get power from the USB but not enough power.... so I plugged in my power supply and continued on trying to record

I tried a Factory Reset.......didn't work.
I tried updating the m13 to 2.4.... still doesn't work.

I'd like any opinions/help on this matter as I'm seriously stuck

All help would be greatly appreciated!

Re: M13 not working...
by phil_m on 2012-11-20 09:41:57.1540

Well, first of all it sounds as if you have your MIDI interface connected incorrectly. You would want to have a cable from the M13's MIDI in to the interface's MIDI out. And if you're just trying to update the M13 that's all you would need. I would try resending the latest firmware to the M13. I'm really not sure why you'd see the screens dimming like what you're describing though.

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