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DJ debating whether to buy the m20d
by DanceLeaderPros on 2012-11-20 11:58:06.1860

Hi everyone,

Im new to stagesource and line 6. I am a mobile dj for the past 11 years and have gone through numerous amounts of setups, but i wont bore you with my entire past. I will just fill you in with what i currently own and use. Right now im mixing with 2 different midi controllers, the pioneer ddj-s1 and the traktor s4. Each of these mixers has 2 rca's (left and right) coming out and going into my pioneer djm 900 nexus mixer. The djm 900 goes out to my driverack px and the px goes out into my yorkville nx 750p tops and 720s subs.

Now here is my delimma.As great as the djm 900 is, im not using it to its fullest potential, which is using it with cdj players whether its the 1000, 2000 etc. The reason i dont use them its because they are bulky, heavy and take up a lot of space in my pathfinder. That being said that is why i use the s4 or ddj s1.

My question is, how does the m20d compare to the 900 nexus? Obviously they are both completely different unit and are used for completely different applications. However, as a dj i feel like the m20d does not suit me. It is mostly used for bands and i do sometimes work with bands that plug into my sound. I basically require them to feed me rca wires or or xlr wires that have adapters to rca. 

The reason i am interested in the m20d is because i feel like i can get the same results as i do with the nexus, but i havent seen any djs with it which makes me hesitant to buy it. But just to get this out there, i would be fine still using either 1 of my midi controllers and plugging in to any of the inputs correct? Are there any special icons i would have to select as those lines. Meaning ive seen in videos that each instrument has its icon (bass, drums, guitar, vocalist, etc.), but does it have a midi controller icon as for the application i intend to use? If so, how well will it sound? Will this mixer sound great with the current speakers i own or will i have to go out and purchase the line 6 tops and subs? My mics are both shure ulx series, are there any issues there?

The questions above are the ones that are really throwing me off from making the purchase. If there are any DJs out there or anyone with great input on this issue please help!

Thanks in advanced!

Re: DJ debating whether to buy the m20d
by phil_m on 2012-11-21 07:00:39.8250

You would probaby have more luck getting feedback on this question on the M20d forum:">">

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