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Pod Farm
by dimka3008 on 2012-11-20 13:08:29.1560

Hello everyone, just a quick question (few))

I have Pod Studio UX2 , and while ago I've upgraded pod farm from standard to Platinum for 199$, unfortunately my PodStudio broken now((

How can I use Pod Farm??

Can I connect as a sound card Focusrite for example (can borough from friend)?? Or its must be only through UX2?

If I would like to convert my Pod Farm to hardware independent , how much extra should I pay for it, or I have to buy it from scratch for 300$?

Also I have Pod HD500, any chance to use it as a line 6 key\device to run pod farm?

Re: Pod Farm
by TheRealZap on 2012-11-20 13:14:11.0330

you don't say if you purchased pod farm 2.X or just upgraded pod farm 1 to platinum...

if you have a 2.x license (2.5 or better installed) then you can use that with any ASIO interface... no additional charge... just use the license manager part of line6 monkey and authorize your computer....

if you only have a pod farm 1.x platinum license you'd need to get a 2.x license (you only have to get standard since you already have the platinum models licensed)

and then you'd be able to do the same.

and no you can't use the HD500 for the licensing... however once you sorted out the independent license... you can use the hd500 as your interface.

Re: Pod Farm
by dimka3008 on 2012-11-20 13:25:29.2320

Thank You for very quick reply

When I bought my Pod Studio I was able to download PodFarm 1.x, Pod Farm 2.51 and also as a gift (I belive) I had fx junke model pack (through monkey)

after few month using it I liked so much and I just upgraded from standard 2.51 to platinum! But I'm not sure if its independent license((

Just tried to authorized my computer and licence - and its comes  up with all model packs, but when I tried to run pod farm its says no licence( (or so)

and pod farm not shown in monkey ?

See scrins pls, hope it helps


Re: Pod Farm
by TheRealZap on 2012-11-20 13:39:24.4110

it appears that you only bought a platinum model pack upgrade, as the license manager shows no pod farm license at all (which means its hard coded to your old device)

looks like you'd need to pickup the pod farm 2.5 standard license to turn it into an independent pod farm platinum.">">

Re: Pod Farm
by dimka3008 on 2012-11-20 14:40:29.1750

Thank You! i'll try and let you know later!

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