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Disappointed in Pod integration
by adessmith on 2012-11-21 06:07:52.7000

Unless I am missing something, I cant find a way to switch back and forth between mags and models via the POD.
I am using the JTV-59 with the X3L (not the HD500) via VDI... but I doubt this can be done on either...

For instance, all my "go-to" patches on my X3L use the magnetic pickups except one, which is based on the American Classic preamp, with a little tweaking to the eq, some compression, etc... and set to force the D28 model. If I play patches using the magnetics first, then hit the patch for the acoustic it does not engage the modeling function. I have to manually push in the modeling knob to engage the modeling and THEN hit my footswitch.

Is this right? The only soulution I can find is to reprogram all the other patches to only listen to the variax input #2 (mags), and make sure I remember to engage the modeling function as a habbit when I pickup the guitar.
Only problem with that (aside from having to remember something) is that I loose the option of manually engaging the modeling on the other presets because it will ignore variax input #1.
For instance, I typically use patch 1A (nice warm clean tone with a little delay) with the magnetics, but just for the heck of it I may decide I want to try the strat model on this patch... If I use this solution I would have to change the input settings to get the X3L to listen to variax input #1 on that patch.

There has to be a better way. Seems like there would be a function that forces modeling on if you select a patch that forces a particular model.
So far, the only benefit I am finding to VDI is I can ignore the battery (which will likely fail prematurely because it's not being utilized)

Now I'm really sorry I ditched my relay G30 to help fund my JTV-59.

Re: Disappointed in Pod integration
by Rewolf48 on 2012-11-22 05:10:27.6180

I don't know about the X3L, but it works perectly with an HD500 - the Model mode is automatically active when the VDI is connected. 

I never need to press the model/mag switch on the JTV, but my patches are set-up to use either Variax Mags (that is what it is named on a HD500) or the Models, and when on Models I have the choice of forcing to a specific Model (and locking the controls and changing the tuning).

Are you sure you have the recent firmware updates? (at least 1.8 on JTV)

Re: Disappointed in Pod integration
by davidb7170 on 2012-11-24 07:19:06.8900

I now have the HD500 -- since last May, but was using the X3L for a few years prior and keep it as my backup for gigs. The X3L does function well with the JTV, but is a bit frustrating in that to set a patch to switch the JTV models, you have to do it manually on the X3L, not with the Gearbox software. The software will work to set models on the 1st generation variax (I have a 300), but not with the JTV's. It's a foible of the software, not the X3L. Switching between mags and models for different patches is not just a part of the X3L as it is with the HD500 -- but only within the last few months or so since a firmware revision to both the JTV & the HD500 made it possible.

You either have to switch manually, or possibly use the input choice for the JTV/X3L -- can't remember the details, but there are two channels to choose from on the inputs that represent the mags & models. I always just set Channel 1 & used manual switching, but it seems you can use the JTV mags & models together even on the X3L, so you should be able to use one channel for the mags for some patches and the other for the models for other patches... Some one in the X3L support group may be able to describe it better.

I also use the mags for the majority of the time. I have the 59, and just recently got a 69S.


Re: Disappointed in Pod integration
by adessmith on 2012-11-26 08:00:24.1980


I think I understand what you are saying. I have found that I COULD set the X3L to listen to channel 1 (models) on some patches, and channel 2 (mags) on others.  What bothers me is that I am going to have to remember to "turn on" the modeling technology everytime I pickup the guitar.
It seems that, if you select a patch which uses a model but haven't "turned the modeling on" (the modeling knob isn't lit), it just uses the mags anyway. When I play an acoustic song midway through a set, and make a mistake like that its pretty awekward to have to stop and say... oops, that wasnt right, lets try that again.
I want to be able to correct the problem with my feet without having to stop playing.

I have 4 custom patches (one bank) setup on my X3L which I pretty much use exclusively, A,B, and C are for electric sounds (clean, slightly dirty, and high gain), and D is for acoustic (preamp only, no cab).
A,B, and C will primarily be used with the mags... at least for now, but I like to keep the option to engage a model on the fly and use it with those patches (especially for alternate tunings).

Looks like my best option might be to copy my patches to another bank, making one bank for models, and one for mags, (with the exception of patch D, which will be the same on both banks) and remembering to ALWAYS engage the modeling circuitry when I pickup the guitar. If I get into the routine of doing that when I plug in the guitar, and not having to turn it off and on constantly it might just become habit.

This will give me my primary sounds in one bank (mostly mags, and the acoustic model), and alternate versions of those sounds in the next bank (guitar models enabled, with the same amp sounds)...

Re: Disappointed in Pod integration
by brue58ski on 2012-11-26 15:56:19.6420

I am also VERY disappointed in the integration of The JTV to the X3 and the Vetta.  Yes it works with it half assed but I think it could be worked/programmed to have the same integration as the HD500 with the exception of the retuning. Basically the same integration as with the first Variax. Mainly being able to program it with patches from Gearbox. Line 6 has a slight reputation for completely dropping things without finishing them once they've moved on to the next thing.  And with little to mostly no notice.  Like with the JTV integration, I saw that "Yes the JTV will work with the X3Live", got my JTV only to find out it yeah I suppose it does but not in the same way as the first Variax, which is what I was expecting.  Then, "We're not supporting the X3Live anymore" which means i'm our of luck as far as it getting to the older Variax point.  It's one of the few, if not only, major disappointments about this company. To me it's a big one.

Re: Disappointed in Pod integration
by davidb7170 on 2012-11-26 18:05:15.9970

adessmith --

It did catch me that way, too, I either forgot to turn on the modeling, or turn it off. I got to the point where I would write on my setlist "1d - VAX!!" in big letters to remind myself.... And I had to set up custom Variax settings with the tuning for anything that needed them. It was a pain, but I put up with it for about a year after getting the JTV. I tried an HD500 a year ago Labor Day - 15% off sale at Guitar Center, but got a flakey one and took it back, and swore it off, then last Memorial Day -- Guitar Center had another 15% off sale, and I tried again. This time the unit was good, and the latest update at the time had the feature of remembering how you saved it with the patch -- model on or off, whether you forced a specific model or not. To me, that was worth the price of the HD500. The amp models are good, but not what I consider head & shoulders above the X3L for the ones I use, and it had some of the FX missing that I really liked like the synth patches -- fought with that one & still not as good as what I had going on the X3L... Etc. Yeah it's a mixed deal -- some things I like better, some definitely not...


Re: Disappointed in Pod integration
by adessmith on 2012-11-27 08:21:17.6750

The thing is, I really like the vocal preamp settings on the X3L.
I think I read that those are not on the HD500.

I love my X3L, but I'm tired of Line 6 dropping support for anything but the latest products.

I am a big fan of line 6 equipment...I have previously owned the POD 2.0, Pod XT, Pod XTL, XDS95, the Relay G30, and the backtrack, and currently use the Pod X3L, XDR955 (3 of them) and the JTV-59.

I have never had problems with any of these items, I have a great track record with their gear, but I seem to find myself constantly upgrading because the old stuff I am using is outdated so fast and no longer gets firmware updates.
I know the HD500 has been out for a little while, so I'm afraid to even think about buying it (or one of the DT amps) because as soon as I do they will drop it like a rock! In fact, the reason why I just pulled the trigger on the JTV is because the new models they just released... They use the same modeling electronics, so it looks like this will "extend support" for the older JTV models for at least a few years.

I can understand no longer supporting legacy products, but it seems like every time I "finaly get" the Line 6 equipment I want, it is discontinued shortly after that.

It's like they drop support AS SOON as something better comes out, and there is no overlap, and no warning. Maybe there is, but it just seems like it happens to quickly.
From what I can tell, the last firmware release for the X3L was 6/10/10. I believe the HD500 was released just a few months later.

You would think they would stop selling the items at least a year or two before they drop support.
Sometimes there are unfixed bugs that need to be addressed, but they drop support before they are fixed.

Re: Disappointed in Pod integration
by brue58ski on 2012-11-27 19:26:46.9030

At the VERY least they should have made the JTV compatible with the X3L and Gearbox in the way the old Variax was.  I can understand not keeping it compatible with the XT and the Vetta but when the JTV came out, the X3 Live was still selling and (supposedly) still being supported.  Basically I feel like I've been tricked.  And this isn't the first time Line 6 has made me feel this way.  I too am a Line 6 boy but the JTV and the HD500 are probably my last Line 6 purchases.  I mean look at their new sound system.  It looks sooooooo cool.  I would love to get into it.  But it relies so heavily on "computing" that given Line 6's past with support of products I can't justify the expense.  It's alot of money to spend on software that, given the track record, won't be supported in 5-10 years.

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