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Building MCU code in Codewarrior v10.2
by dtfee on 2012-11-21 07:42:13.6210

Hi Folks,

This is my first post. I'm a UK based software engineer with an interest in music DSP so I thought I purchase this kit through a US based friend. So far it's been a really steep learning curve but I wanted to upload my experience of trying to build the MCU code (microcontroller only) on a PC running windows XP and see if anybody else had any tales of their experience they'd like to share. At the moment Freescale offer a special edition of Codewarrior for MCUs - v10.2. It's a bit ropey but after weeks of faffing about here's my instructions for getting the build to work:

1. Download and install Codewarrior 10.2 (special edition - free)

2. Create an empty workspace on the same drive as the installation, e.g. C:\ToneCore

3. Copy 'MCU sample code' to a directory under the workspace directory and rename MCU_sample_code. This avoids any problems with include paths.

4. Import the project following the instructions outlined here:

where the MCP file is 'TCDDK User Template Rev 1.mcp'.

5. When you get to the 'Access Paths' part of the import, add an extra entry: {Compiler}\lib\HC08c\device and set 'Recursive' to true.

6. Click next, there should be only one entry: Else, search for the missing folders and go back to 5 to add the paths.

7. Continue to Finish, selecting the remaining defaul options.

8. At this stage, you can try a build - Project -> Clean... (selecting 'Start a build immediately'). You may be lucky and everything works fine. 

9. If, like me, you weren't, right-click the project in Project Panel, select 'Edit Linked Resource Locations' and select 'Linked Resources' tab.

   Likely, you'll see a list of Invalid Locations. Click 'Path Variables' and edit CW_IMPORTER_ProjectDir, replacing ${PARENT_LOC} with the actual path.

10. At this stage, you may get as far as 'No rule to make target...' referring to a path containing virtual/virtual.

    Open Properties, select 'C/C++ Build -> Settings' and select 'S08 Linker -> Input'.

    Edit the Parameter File entry before 'MCU sample code\...' to your correct location.

11. Rerun the build. We now get a bunch of linker errors mostly referring to main.c and IO_Map_c.obj.

    This is because something called ProcessorExpert generates another copy of the same code.

    Under the 'User Modules', delete the TCDDK_User_Template_Rev_1.c file (or whatever generated file contains an empty main function) and

    under 'Generated Code' delete IO_Map.c.

12. Rerun the build. Hopefully this time it all worked and you have a nice new MCU_sample_code.abs.s19 file to download through the TCDDK GUI.

I'd be interested to hear from anyone who's found this useful.

Best wishes


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