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Any special PODHD500 settings for headphones?
by pforsell on 2012-11-23 20:39:57.5840

Hi All,

I have learned a ton from you on this forum and I really love my PODHD500. I have downloaded many patches which sound great. My question is, are there any specific settings on the POD that will make the headphones sound best? I use headphones a lot in my apartment and it doesn't specify in what context many tones were created. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Don't want to miss something obvious that would make things sound even better. Thanks in advance,


Re: Any special PODHD500 settings for headphones?
by ciadude2 on 2012-11-23 23:20:31.1270

Depends on the headphones honestly.

I have a set of Audio Technica headphones that I got for around $150 and they work amazingly with it and don't color the sound at all(what I hear as I play is what I hear in my recordings). Headphones specifically for recording music will likely yield similar results, while headphones for commercial/personal listening will likely have other effects in the EQ by design.

Re: Any special PODHD500 settings for headphones?
by mazuwa on 2012-11-24 03:01:32.1750

Beside the headphone itself you should have chosen the STUDIO/DIRECT Mode on SETUP-Outputs page (fw2.10: Page 4/10) of your POD HD500.

Usually over headphones you need some extra room. Here some possibilities to use little higher values than usually :

- CAB edit: ER - value, RES LVL

- Add a little more Reverb/Delay, because natural room/echo is missing over headphones.

- Over headphones you must define your desired stereo spread by mixing and choosing the right effects & values. A single guitar box is only mono.

And yes, what cladude2 already mentioned: Because you are using now virtual boxes and mic sims, you have to check your frequencies (EQ). Over a real amp, your first sound may be great, but over headphones you might have the need for correction.

This is why you always need different patches for headphones and real amps. Same applies with downloaded tones. Different guitars/headphones have different sounds.

Re: Any special PODHD500 settings for headphones?
by Octo777 on 2012-11-24 04:26:39.7070

One of the biggest (yet also the most over looked) requirements to take into account when using headphones is their impedance rating and Line 6 recommends anything from 150 - 600 Ohms, which is quite a high rating in comparison to the commerical market.

MOST (not strictly all) headphones that are rated below will often have a harsh "buzz saw" sound to them regardless of tweaks you make.

Basically, if you have headphones that are rated wrongly, mostly likely you will never get a desirable tone from them.

If you find you need to upgrade, there are plenty of sets of cans out there that meet the requirements, but you can't really go wrong with the Industry standard Beyerdynamic DT 100 - 400 Ohms. (but make sure they are the 400 Ohm version, not the cheaper 64 Ohm rated ones).

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