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Pod hd 500 and tube amp
by axus73 on 2012-11-24 05:02:21.1280

Hi guys!

I own a blackstar ht 50 tube head and some pedals (coca comp, big muff, OCD, electric mistress) and i have tried the 4cm method but with poor results.

I followed Jim's guide and tried various tweaks but i prefer what i hear in my headphones with pod's simulations

The fact is i do not really like my amp overdrive channel and so i am looking to try the simple connection bypassing amp's preamp, using pod's simulations and amp's Final.

So my chain would be'


Distorsions, comp (real stomps)

Pod's in

Mistress in pod's effects loop


Should I connect pod's out in amp input or fx return?

Is this counfiguration working in your opinion and not coloring tones too much?? Any suggested tweaks for patches?

Thank you all!

Re: Pod hd 500 and tube amp
by joel_brown on 2012-11-24 06:22:37.5190

I use the PODHD into the Effect Returns of a pair of Marshall JCM900 heads which bypasses the pre-amps completely.  I use the Studio Direct setting on the PODHD.  It's the only way that works for me. 

Re: Pod hd 500 and tube amp
by axus73 on 2012-11-25 02:13:22.7010


Are there any issues I should keep in mind for patches?

I am referring to the stereo/mono signal routing inside the pod.

I have attached an image of my actual patch. Do you think the signal coming out from my amp speaker would be optimal with a patch tweaked this way?

Re: Pod hd 500 and tube amp
by JTSC777 on 2012-11-26 21:40:20.3220

Line 6 HD300 into effect loop return of Egnater Tweaker or Fender BDRI. No external pedals. Used this way these things kill live! A tube power section does make quite a difference but heck my HD300 sounds great into the effect return of my original Flextone single twelve with a Delta 12A speaker in it. Good Luck!

Re: Pod hd 500 and tube amp
by axus73 on 2012-11-29 01:07:14.1410


Yesterday night, after having tweaked my best Gilmour patch ever with the rig attached, using headphones and reaper I went to a gig session with the band.

I wanted to try direct connection in my blackstar ht 50 head so I detached all the cables and running just a single cable from my pod output into amp fx return....

No sound coming out of the speaker.

Tried into front input...


Tried into fx return with another cable into amp input going nowhere...


Tried guitar direct into input and it sounded.

I really cannot describe my frustration...I almost wanted to put some gasoline and give all to fire!

And what's more, after giving up trying, I tried to connect direct to the mixer via xlr but again...nothing.

Other patches sounded but the one I tweaked no...strange thing SOUNDED WITH POD'S TUNER ENGAGED.

Have to gather thoughts and review everything. Thank for your help!

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