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Changing Scenes with POD X3 Live or POD HD500?
by scott93933 on 2012-11-24 19:23:49.7450

Hi all,

I've got the POD X3 Live and the James Tyler Variax (JTV-69) and I just got the M20D. Love all three. I just recently learned how to create a custom preset in the POD X3 Live (actually, modifying an existing preset) that changes the settings on the Variax as I'm playing. Specifically, I start out playing a JTV-emulated 12 string acoustic with a nice acoustic custom tone and then, during the hard driving part of the song, I switch to a preset that changes the Variax's emulation from the 12 string acoustic to a Les Paul and the custom tone is a hard-driving rock ballad tone. It works really well and I'm excited to have this capability of being able to control both the guitar and the tones by stepping through the presets.

Okay, that's the background, and now, time for my question: Is it possible to create a tone for the POD X3 Live that will allow me to change Scenes on the M20D? If so, how do I do that? If not, can it be done with the POD HD500 instead? If so, I'll get a POD HD500!

The goal would be to have the capability of creating a custom tone (or preset) for each song in our set list and then as I step through them, not only are the guitar and effects changing, but so is the Scene on the M20D.

Thanks for your help!


Re: Changing Scenes with POD X3 Live or POD HD500?
by scott93933 on 2012-11-26 12:20:30.2320

I just spoke with Line6 Technical Support and they told me that there's no way of remotely changing Scenes (via the POD X3 Live or the POD HD500) and the M20D has no MIDI port, so that's out as well. It appears that the only way of quickly changing Scenes during a live performance is to use a foot switch, set up your scenes in the order that matches your set list, and then step forward (you can't go backward using the foot switch) through each Scene as you progress through your set.

Although I love my M20D, this does seem like an important missing feature. What I'd like to see in a future firmware release would be the ability to connect a USB MIDI dongle to either of the M20D's USB ports and then for the M20D to accept program changes via MIDI from a POD (or any other MIDI controller) to affect Scene changes and possibly other changes as well, such as playing a file from the media card or beginning a recording, etc. I'll add this to the discussion regarding feature enhancement requests for the next firmware update.

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