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UX2 Crashes When I Play a Song in iTunes
by meszaros24 on 2012-11-25 08:27:38.1850

Had my UX2 for about 3 years and it has always worked fine. Yesterday I noticed audio (music from iTunes) played at a higher volume (50-100% volume it is noticeable) had become very distorted, and now this morning, my UX2 crashes (lights out dead - starts up again if I unplug and plug back in) immediately after starting a song in iTunes. If I unplug and plug it back in and restart iTunes, the same thing happens (I hear the music for ~1/2 a second before it cuts out).  Found this kind of odd as watching a video on the internet and it seemed to work fine. I have reinstalled drivers and usb firmware. What now?


Just fired up POD Farm & Guitar Pro and started jamming to some Parkway Drive and within about 5 seconds static and feedback had set in to the point where I could barely hear the music. The video I was watching in my internet browser still plays back fine, no distorted noises or feedback.


Tried to use Guitar Pro again and it gave me the blue screen of death right after I started the song.


Cubase doesn't seem to recognize my UX2 - I think normally when setting up VST connections it reads "Line 6 UX2" as the audio device, but now it reads "ASIO DirectX Full Duplex Driver" and instead of Send 1, Send 2 it is Channel 1, Channel 2 listed in the device ports.

UPDATE 4:    

Unistalled everything, reinstalled POD farm and the only difference is now the device is not crashing. iTunes audio still sounds like garbage, Cubase still isn't seeing the device, the VST still isn't getting any input in Cubase...Anyone have anyone have any ideas for this paperweight?

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