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FLAT EQ of AMP for to POD HD.
by Melquisedec on 2012-11-26 03:51:08.8290

Hi guys:

I have a POD HD (bean). I want connect it at the input of my Twin Reverb amp

I have a question:

How must be the flat eq of my amp?????


Option 1

  • Bass: Cero (min)
  • Middle: Maximum
  • Treble: Cero (min)

Option 2

  • Bass: 50% (Half)
  • Middle: 50% (Half)
  • Treble: 50% (Half)

Thanks to all.


Re: FLAT EQ of AMP for to POD HD.
by Akeron on 2012-11-26 05:06:21.1140

Bass Mid and Treble at 5

Re: FLAT EQ of AMP for to POD HD.
by jimsreynolds on 2012-11-26 05:45:43.4630

Akeron wrote:

Bass Mid and Treble at 5

The way to make most passive tone stacks 'flat' is to turn the bass and treble to minimum but the middle to maximum ... option 1.   You can check this out using the tool here if you are interested ...">"> .  This is certainly the case with a standard Fender Tone stack.

However, I am not entirely sure that is what the Pod's 'Front' Output modes expect.  There is no specific recommendation in the Line 6 documentation as to how the amp tone controls should be set,.  I think this because there are too many variations on how amp tone stacks might be voiced.   Trial and error is the key.

I don't use the 'Front' output modes but my first approach would be try setting the tone controls as option 1 above and boosting the 'Lows' and 'Highs' within the 'Combo Front' output mode settings to Maximum.   I would then select a clean modelled amp tone then play with the 'Focus', Lows' and 'Highs' until the model sounded natural.  Then experiment with other models.  Make sure your Fender amp is set up with drvie settings that keep it very clean ... shouldn't be difficult.

I will try this out when I find time.  Other people might have a more proven, tried and tested recipe to play with.

Re: FLAT EQ of AMP for to POD HD.
by DarthHollis on 2012-11-26 06:01:41.6600

In the older PODs I remember the manual said to start with your option one but that amps will react differently.  I have never been able to find a way to make a POD sound good going through the input of an amp.

This is why, if at all possible I would reccoment using the FX return or go FRFR.

Re: FLAT EQ of AMP for to POD HD.
by Melquisedec on 2012-11-26 08:47:12.8590

The Twin reverb Amp, has not FX Return.  

Re: FLAT EQ of AMP for to POD HD.
by spaceatl on 2012-11-26 09:33:02.2560

just some thoughts...

Your amp will rolloff highend around 5-6K because there are no tweeters, just 12s....Open back means the mids will be hot and bass will be cancelling depeding on how you have the amp placed in the room...How close it is to a wll or corner...But that is just the basic response of most any open back amp...They tend to change a lot with the environment they are in and the placement in that environment...

However, you might be able to find the ballpark by plugging an iPOD into your HD500 and running a song you are familar with though your amp...It might at least help get the bass and mids in the ballpark...When it's right, it would sound a bit darker than it would on hiFi...Use guitar oriented tracks that you are familiar with...It might help you figure out what the hot spots are in the amp's response...minimize them as much as you can with the amp controls and then use the correction on the front mode to get it as close as you can...If this is an old twin, I think I would use the simple channel...The one with Bass & Treble only...The less in the stack the better I find...But having that mid control might be helpful...

FYI: If you flatten the correction on the a POD front modes, they are basically identical to the pwr amp mode...The front modes have an extra adjustable correction filter...I tend to use the front mode with my old Flextone III XL as the mids are very hot and the power mode doesn't work so good as it needs some additional cut filtering around 400 Hz to get patches to translate a bit more correctly...

Re: FLAT EQ of AMP for to POD HD.
by Melquisedec on 2012-11-30 04:12:03.7600

ups !! 

Sean Halley say that the correct answers is the option 2.

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