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How would I use a kb37 at a gig for a singer and guitarist at the same time?
by billy-dowdall on 2012-11-26 13:32:11.2290

Heya people,

The band I'm in use podfarm 2.0 to record all of our tones whilst we're recording, and I wanted to use podfarm live so we can have studio quality tones at live performances, there are also some vocal tones we have configured from pod farm that we'd like to use.

My plan is to run the line 6 kb37 through the FBV express mkII so my guitarist can use his tones and switch between them and stuff, but could I simultaniously run my singer through the interface as well? with a second fbv express pedal so he could switch between tones? Would there be any latency issues? I was planning on using Logic Mainstage along side pod farm 2.0 as well to run the two channels of audio and make use of some of the logic effects as well. I don't actually own any line 6 products (but if I can get what i'm thinking of to work then I will!) so I was hoping on an insiders view of this!

Thanks in advance

Re: How would I use a kb37 at a gig for a singer and guitarist at the same time?
by Triryche on 2012-11-26 17:43:31.1180

You can have the guitar and singer run through the KB37 simultaneously. Unfortunately you can only call up one patch at a time. But you can set tone A for guitar and tone B for vocal and have MIDI messages change A, B or both, so with some careful planning.... As for 2 pedals controlling it at the same time, the KB37 can not do this by itself, you would need an intermediate MIDI merging device, an IMHO would be over kill. Obviously you would need a computer to process the POD Farm sounds with the KB37.

btw, if you have PF 2.0, you may want to upgrade to PF 2.5x (free).

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