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Weak tone when recording via USB with Podxt
by Rhysricegraham on 2012-11-27 10:26:17.4190

I recently bought a second-hand pod xt, in order to try recording guitars via usb on my new-ish (mid-2012) macbook pro. When I connect them with the usb cable, the macbook sees the pod with no problems, but all I can seem to achieve when trying to record/play through programs like Garageband, Pod Farm etc. is a weak, thin and fizzy tone which is barely powerful enough to overcome whatever built-in noisegates these programs have. I've tried adjusting my macbook's input volume settings, as well as settings in the programs I'm using, but nothing seems to have any significant effect on the dull, digital tone.

     I'd like to know if there's some kind of compatability issue, or if I'm making some kind of noob mistake with settings, or if I need some additional bit of hardware or software to make it sound acceptably brutal.


Thanking you in advance,


Re: Weak tone when recording via USB with Podxt
by Triryche on 2012-11-27 12:20:17.5430

When you run Monkey do you have green ticks for everything?

How does the PODxt sound with monitors or headphones connect directly to it (without being connected to the Mac)?

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