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Will the M20D App work in the background
by rudarel on 2012-11-28 19:01:13.6910

Hi guys,  Can anyone please tell me if M20D App will work in the background, this is a must for me..!!  I travel alone for events out of town and using Backing tracks for live singing.

The backing tracks are mp3's  on same iPad as the M20D App, so i have to be able to switch between player and M20D App on the fly.  Next week i'm taking my DL1608 Back to Sam Ash in Phoenix,AZ in exchange for M20D. Would this be a bad decision?

Also, how does the auto volume leveling work? Is it actually working? With the DL1608 or T1 Tonematch I often find myself adjusting my mic volume from song to song. All my backing tracks are mastered RMS at same volume level, but if you been singing for a while you know what I'm talking about. Voice just don't bland in the mix the same in all 300 backing tracks without adjusting mic's volume level every know an then. Would the auto volume leveling take care of this problem?

Aaaaaaaa, one more there a compressor on the main out with M20D,  DL1608 has this compressort out on main-out and really help's blending the voice with the mix better, or all the instruments with vocals in case of live band.

I just cant get the DL1608 to EQ my wireless e965 mic to sound right, and a lot of that has to do with me not knowing how to get it right. I know everybody's voice is different but I tried Mackie support by e-mail asking if they can suggest a EQ curve for sennheiser e965, a curve that will get me close to where i need to be,

Nobody ever reply...!! 4 weeks now...!!   This really made it easier for me to make the exchange decision from DL1608 to M20D. Can't wait for it to come in.

Before DL1608 I used the Bose T1 tonematch and this box has all popular mic EQ presets listed by actual name like; shure SM58, sennheiser e965, etc. This was verry usefull for singers like me with 15 years singing experience but not so much sound engineer experience.

I whish Mackie or Line6 would add some  vocal mic presets that are actually tweaked to maximize and squeeze the most out of some popular mic's out there like ; Sm58, e965, etc...etc...and list each preset with the mic's name. instead of "male vocal with reverb" how about "sennheiser e965 with verb and dely" and so on.

Ps: Also, what is this I hear about a lot of M20D's with bad hardware right out of the box, flickering screen's, defective hardware, bad phantom power jacks,

etc..etc...  Can anyone confirm this from personal experience?  I would look really bad in front of audience if the board will stop right in the middle of a song. Try to explain to audience I actually paid $2500 for this mixer

Thanks in advance...

Re: Will the M20D App work in the background
by line6jonb on 2012-11-29 18:23:03.7180


The StageScape App will not necessarily continue running in the background.  When you initially log on to your StageScape with the App (because you are effectively logging the iPad on to the wireless network created by your StageScape mixer) you have to connect to the StageScape's network in your general iPad wifi settings.  Then once you open the app the app searches for your StageScape.  You then select the StageScape and enter the StageScape's PIN.  The iPad will then connect to your StageScape. 

Once you hit the home button on the iPad to open your music player, and then come back to the StageScape app, the app momentarily has to reconnect to the mixer - but you don't have to enter the PIN or tap CONNECT to connect to the StageScape again.  I've just gone back and forth doing it here and it takes about 3 seconds to reconnect once reopening the app.

Auto volume is actually Auto Trim.  Trim and level are 2 different gain stages.  Think of the TRIM as your preamp (trim or preamp on other boards) - while your LEVEL is your channel fader.  Here is a link to a tutorial video getting started with the StageScape.">"> This explains and shows use of the Auto Trim.

There is not a compressor for your main outs at this time.

In terms of the DSP settings/models being named after real microphones, that is a very interesting request and we will bring that up with the product manager.

Currently, DSP vocal presets are Male Vocal, Female Vocal, Male with reverb, etc. but there are also Male/Female vocal Delay presets and others available when you look through the DSP presets menu.     


Re: Will the M20D App work in the background
by dreadlocks on 2012-11-30 01:15:30.1800


We now know that the app will not run in the background, but we'd really, really love it to. My M20d it does not take 3 seconds to reconnect it's more like 6 to 10. and that's a helluva lot of time in a Live emergency situation.  I have a lot of other apps on my iPad that run in the background, so in my humble opinion, this should be possible. So ye Gods of making cool and functional gear, hop to it, sort it and give us an update ASAP, please. That would make for some really appreciate customers, musicians and live engineers - and would also be in line with Line6 stated philosophy re the purpose of the M20d.  It's early days yet and I'm loving my m20d so far except for this and two other issues. 

So looking forward with bated and slightly marijuana-tinged breath.


Re: Will the M20D App work in the background
by rudarel on 2012-11-30 06:20:17.2900

Hi JB, thank you for your prompt respons. I watched the video you suggested, it showes how auto trim works. I guess what I want to know is:

Let's say I plug my mic to input 1,  and my backing track stereo signal comming from iPad via Y cable  to input 2 and 3. Now I push auto trim And then push play on my backing track and start singing.

At this point, does the M20D know how to set the mic volume input at about 3 db higher then  backing tracks inputs so everything blands in right? 

And let's say it does set the mic to about +3db and the backing tracks to zero, would it maintain this 3 db difference for all my backing tracks  as I keep singing by automaticly increasing or decreasing volume of backing tracks and Mic as needed to maintain the 3db difference between mic and left/ right backing tracks?

And yes, mic presets specifically tuned for popular mic's will make much more sense to a lot of people. EQ-in a mic properly  has been a big problem for a long time with regular musicians, unless you are a sound engineer.

How nice would it be to plug in my mic and choose a matching preset called (Male e965) and know that this preset has been specifically tuned by a pro sound engineer to squeeze the most out of my mic.

Ps: Compressor on main outs if adjusted properly really helps blend all channels better in the mix so no instrument or voice will sound pasted on, this is a must in digital industry, anybody who did any recording with q-base or proTools...etc will know this, you allways add a compressor on each instrument and then a compressor on mastering channel to blend everything in.

Re: Will the M20D App work in the background
by dboomer on 2012-11-30 08:26:49.4480

"At this point, does the M20D know how to set the mic volume input at about 3 db higher then  backing tracks inputs so everything blands in right? "

The auto trim does not make "mixing decisions" like this.  What it does is to set and maintain the proper gain structure for the channel... But not the level of that channel.  You will have to "mix" the show.  The mixer will automatically keep you in the "sweet spot" as far as the gain structure goes so that you have the full range of the processing blocks while avoiding noise and distortion.

Also ... there is multiband compression and limiting available on the output busses.

The information above may not be current, and you should direct questions to the current forum or review the manual.