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Live volume settings
by jrestrepo777 on 2012-11-29 04:45:30.0770


In a live performance wich parameters should I modify to switch from rythm/lead guitar to solo guitar and have a nice transition?

For example: recommended % volume increments, boost, or any other parameter.

I still can't get a good transition. Sometimes too loud, sometimes too mild.

Thank you for your help.

Re: Live volume settings
by silverhead on 2012-11-29 05:26:33.4270

You need to spend some time before the live performance to adjust the relative volume levels of your presets.Set the device Master Volume to a high level. Start with the clean, quiter presets. Use the Channel Volume to adjust the output volume to the deswired level without affecting the tone. Proceed to the next preset and do the same adjustment to match the volume of the previous preset. If necessary use the device Mixer (on HD, HD500, HD Pro) to balance the levels. Continue doing this for all presets until you can switch between them all and have good transitions.

Re: Live volume settings
by preciousgeorge on 2012-11-29 08:01:29.2130

I think he's talking about bumping up the volume for a lead, then back down for rhythm.  (not so much about consistent volume across different patches).

There are a few posts going about this same issue of bumping up the volume for a lead/solo.  So far I've seen 3 ideas.

1)  Add a Studio Eq near the end of the signal chain, set its eq's flat, but use its Gain control to add some db/volume.  Assign the studio eq to a footswitch, then kick it on/off.

2)  Add a Boost Comp near the front of the chain and use its drive/output controls to add some volume.  Assign it to a switch and kick it on/off.

3)  I read about someone adding FX loop near the end of the chain, using a 1/4" jumper, from send to return, then using its Return level to add some db/volume.  Kick it on/off with a footswitch too.

Hope this helps...I too need to use this "kick up the volume during a lead" approach for live band situations.

Re: Live volume settings
by preciousgeorge on 2012-11-29 08:06:02.5350

This "How to boost signal in live situation" post just below yours mentions using the Eq method.  Says it worked good.

Hope I copied the link correctly.

Re: Live volume settings
by preciousgeorge on 2012-11-29 08:43:51.2850

Just read about someone using the Tube Comp at the end of the chain, setting Threshold to 100% (thus no compression), using the Level Control for the extra volume boost.  Seems almost any solution will use up an FX slot.  Of course assign the Tube Comp to a footswitch and kick it on/off. 

That post says the Tube Comp give a nice "warmth" to the tone.  Gotta try this one.

Re: Live volume settings
by mdmayfield on 2012-11-29 09:05:03.4840

The only way I've ever found to really get this dialed in is trial and error over several gigs, or at least practices at gig volume with the whole band.

I'm transitioning from my older XT Live that has all my patches programmed to the HD500, so I don't have the volume boosts dialed in with the HD. For the XT, though, what I used to do is set the Compressor with an extremely high threshold (so it wouldn't affect the sound) and a gain of between 4-7 dB depending on the specific song (since the other musicians are playing at different volumes depending on the song's mood) and specific tone (since some sounds cut through more than others due to their timbre).

Sometimes I take notes on my set list at a gig, "louder," "softer," etc.

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