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What does the EQ pad do, under the hood?
by rudarel on 2012-11-29 17:24:28.5100

Can anyone answer this please....?

I want to know, what exactly happens under the hood when you tell the xyz pad you want a brighter mic?

Does it just increase te high frequencies? Or does it actually change all settings for that channel;  Gate, Compression, de-esser, low and high freq so yu don't sound to thin, What exactly does it change in order to accomodate the brighter mic.

Still trying to decide if I should return my Dl1608 in exchange for M20D

Can't EQ my e965 with DL1608, I wish they would have mic presets tuned to specific mic's like:  (Shure SM58 Female) or (Sennheiser e965 Male) etc...etc...

It would make much more sense to people like me, Line 6 can have their sound engineers use the most popular vocal mic's out there and squeeze the max out of them for both Male and Female voice.

Re: What does the EQ pad do, under the hood?
by dboomer on 2012-11-29 22:59:45.4400

Hard to pin down exactly because it varies from preset to preset.  The easiest way to see what it does is to run the iPad app alongside. Run the touchscreen on the mixer on quick tweak and the one on the iPad on deep tweak.  You'll be able to follow the XY controller's motions on the iPad.  It doesn't work the other way around however because of the different levels of complication that the xY controller can do.

Re: What does the EQ pad do, under the hood?
by rudarel on 2012-11-30 06:35:11.7750

Hard to say for us as potential buyers, but one of the line 6 rep on this chat can give us a general idea. My interest in buying the M20D Is to where I don't have to tweak everything in after changing mic EQ settings. I want to know just what is done automatically and what is left for me to do. If the EQ is the only thing automatically adjusted as you move your finger on the xyz pad, then it takes the automatic concept away from M20D.

And let's say EQ is the only thing automatically adjusted, as I move my finger towards a brighter mic, would m20d just increase band #4 of the 4 band equalizer or would it actually adjust all 4 band in atempt of making the mic brighter but yet maintain a dicent voice depth so it doesn't soun to thin?

I just need a better explanation of this concept.

Thank You.

Re: What does the EQ pad do, under the hood?
by dboomer on 2012-11-30 08:55:50.1810

I want to know just what is done automatically and what is left for me to do.

When you select a preset the mixer assigns a general trim level and then automatically sets up a chain of processes that would be appropriate for the input type.  Some of these processes are actually engaged and some are only starting points so that if you wish to add them they are at a good starting point.  Maybe a good way to think about this is that choosing a preset calibrates the X/Y pad for the top level adjustments you might wanna make.

Case in point would be the compressor.  You would normally use drastically different settings on a vocal than you would on a kick drum and those settings are automatically assigned when you choose the preset.  So now if you choose to add compression the basic setup is all there and you can quickly and easily do it by using the X/Y pad in the quick tweak page.

Now engaging auto trim will that that general trim setting and match it to your voice with your exact microphone. 

Now what is left for you to do is to "mix" the show.  And of course once you've done this once you can save all of the settings so when you perform the next time all of the adjustments will come back.

Re: What does the EQ pad do, under the hood?
by ArneLine6 on 2012-11-30 09:00:46.3130

When you use the Tone XY pad complex changes happen to the EQ. All bands are adjusted. For an e965 you most likely would end up in the lower left a bit towards the the center because the lower mids around 300Hz to 600Hz get a dip there without putting too much brilliance in but still cutting a bit around 2.7kHz. This suits the e 965 for close distances usually well.

The good thing is that you do not have to worry about that since you just move your finger over the XY Pad and find that spot quickly. There are more XY Pads for compression, de-esser, FX etc. that work in the same way.

The presets are carefully designed so that a preset together with the XY Pad gets you the right sound. We have used many sources and microphones to design this, the e- series was part of it.

Re: What does the EQ pad do, under the hood?
by rudarel on 2012-11-30 10:40:38.7930

Thanks ArneLine6 and dboomer,  sory but some of your exlication does not really addres all my questions, or i'm just not getting it.

Please clerify one simple thing...

lets say i load a vocal preset like:  (male with verb and dely),  i asume this load's as the name suggests, a hole chain of effects like:  Reverb, Dely, De-esser, EQ settings for male with HPF at 60hz ...ETC ..ETC,  now i open up the EQ's xy pad for my mic and move the slider to a brighter posittion.

Would this make any changes to: Compression, Reverb, De-esser and Equalizer in the same time or would just affect the Equalizer, and if so, would i have to go back to Compressor  De-Esser and Reverb and re-adjuste in order to acomodate the new and brighter EQ setting?

About the auto volume:

In simple words i need to know if the M20D's auto level mode will detect the DB difference in my backing tracks and and reduce or increase as needed to keep same db level to what i hear in my speakers from the main outs.

With the DL1608 i often find myself having to call back the Master Fader APP and adjuste my mic level to stay on top of backing tracks at all times. As i'm singing, some backing tracks are a little higher or lower in volume making my voice sound buried or to much presence in the mix, so i have to keep adjusting the mic volume to stay in the sweet spot as you put it.  WOULD M20D FIX THIS ?  

Please dont suggest the mp3 Gain software as i already mastered all my backing tracks to Master RMS using AAMS by Curioza but nometter what soft i use AAMS or Har-Bal

Re: What does the EQ pad do, under the hood?
by dboomer on 2012-11-30 20:32:05.8510

The quick tweak for tone affects onlt the equalizer.  it makes no changes to the compression or the EFX.  It could make up to 12 changes in the EQ parameters with only a small motion but it does not affect other processors.  The only processor that affects both eq and compression is one of the multi-band compressors.

There is no auto-volume process in the mixer so the answer to your question is no.  There is auto-trim and trim-tracking but they only affect gain structure and not level.  Those are two different things.  There is another possibility with Stagescape and that would be to save each song as a scene.  That way you could balance the vocal to music level as well as choose reverbs that better compliment each song.  For example longer reverbs are generally better sounding when used with slow songs and shorter reverbs with faster ones.  you could easily customize each song individually and then quickly recall it using a footswitch.  This is not an automatic process, but you'd only have to do it once.

If you want the mixer to 'level' your backing tracks that could be done by using one of the preset types that has a multi-band compressor in it as long as there isnt a big swing between their levels.  Controlling "loudness" is a tricky thing because there is no emperical measurement for loudness.  Loudness is much more than "level" (which CAN be measured).  Loudness is a subjective term.  It does incorporate level as one of its components but it also includes frequency balance and distortion as part of the equation. 

Re: What does the EQ pad do, under the hood?
by rudarel on 2012-12-01 06:13:52.1400

Thanks dboomer, I got it this time.

Your suggestion of setting up a scene for each song is good but I have about 280 songs in my repertuar,  I normally just setup 3 custom dely presets, one for fast songs at about 150ms, one for medium songs at 250ms, and one for slow songs at 350 ms.

The problem in my case that I can see with m20d is calling the iPad App on the fly between songs in order to choose the appropriate dely preset for the speed of the next song since all my backing tracks reside on the same iPad as the M20d App I have to be able to switch Apps fast.

Do you think line6 has in plan to make the App run continually in the background till stopped by the user? Can this be accomplished with a simple update?

Ps: how reliable is the USB to Ethernet adapter? I'm planing on using my airport express router since I'm already using it to send my backing tracks wirelessly to the mixer when I go in the middle of audience for soun check with my e965 wireless mic. Aaaaaaa....and why not add a Ethernet card and a jack right inside the mixer to eliminate this weegly adapters.

Re: What does the EQ pad do, under the hood?
by CraigDavson on 2012-12-03 15:47:26.4850

dboomer wrote" you could easily customize each song individually and then quickly recall it using a footswitch.  This is not an automatic process, but you'd only have to do it once."

Just curious here... I like the sound of this. I play sets of about 6 songs each for a lot of my corporate functions etc so doing this is not really a huge task. Fifteen songs in an evening. I have a couple of different singers that come with me on certain gigs so I could set them up on there own scenes as it were. If I load the songs into the desk as I have seen done and save them into their scenes do I need the footswitch or does the desk just play from one song to the next in the order set to it and also change the mic parameters for different songs. Still new to the desk and it just seems to have so many options available. I am still having to move back and forth to the desk to up a level here or tweak a mic there. So being able to set these levels and forget almost without having the foot controller would be pretty cool.

Re: What does the EQ pad do, under the hood?
by dboomer on 2012-12-03 17:04:45.6440

The settings and scenes don't "playback" to a songlist.  You would have to manually switch them.  You don't have to do it with a footswitch.  You could switch them using an iPad or on the mixer itself..

I would set up by allowing a "setup" for each different configuration of singers or performers (or anything else that made sence to your style of performing.  Then inside any setup you can store up to 32 "scenes", which only change mixing parameters.  You can basically have any number of "setups" that you wish (thousands and thousands of them).

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