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Flextone II HD static & buzzing after cleaning pots & new battery
by drraven on 2012-11-29 20:21:25.1540

Picked up a Flextone II HD amp earlier this week and I was told by the seller that when he last used it several months ago it would work for a while, sometimes an hour or more, and then it would power off. So he put it away to collect dust. I tried the amp before buying it and it worked and sounded fine for the 10 mins I tried it. I then took it home and played it a couple of times, both for about 30 mins with no problems, but I noticed it wasn't holding any of the patches. So I did some research and replaced the CR2430 coin battery (the orig battery measured 0.00V). This procedure requires removing a large metal cover over the electronics and several screws, so I figured while I was inside the amp I should spray electrical contact cleaner into all of the pots. I was very careful not to touch anything else or move anything. I then carefully reassembled the amp and now when it powers on I get a constant static & buzzing sound that pulses in time with the tempo button setting. I can turn the Master volume off and the buzz/static stays the same volume. If I turn the Master volume up and play my guitar I hear my guitar signal and it sounds normal except for the static/buzz in the background. Not sure why spraying the pots and changing the battery would have caused this, but has anyone else run into this problem? Thanks.


Re: Flextone II HD static & buzzing after cleaning pots & new battery
by TheRealZap on 2012-11-30 07:13:55.5290

Perhaps you got some cleaner on other circuits? might need to dry out or clean up? just an idea... i certainly don't think that changing the battery would have cause the issue.

Re: Flextone II HD static & buzzing after cleaning pots & new battery
by drraven on 2012-11-30 11:11:05.1490

Hey TRZ, thanks for responding. The Save function now works properly so the new battery definitely solved the orig problem but I don't think the battery has caused this new issue either, and I was pretty careful to spray the contact cleaner only into the holes on each pot though some of them were pretty buried. But something else happened last night. Using a little old school TV troubleshooting 101 technique, I worked a little more with the amp, and with the static/buzzing sound going on I gave the amp head cabinet a light rap with the bottom of my fist to see if it was a loose connection causing the noise and sure enough, as I moved along the top of the amp from right to left (facing the amp) the static/buzzing began to fade until it was completely gone. If I continued tapping, this time moving back to the right side of the amp, the static/buzzing started to come back. I then rapped directly over the left-hand top corner and the sound disappeared again. I then remembered that when I was inside the amp earlier to change the battery, I had noticed the input jack (which is directly below where I was rapping when the sound vanished) was not quite horizontal so I loosened the plastic nut and gently twisted it around, only a degree or two so the PCB was horizontal, and then tightened the plastic nut back down being careful not to over-tighten. I suspect in doing so I may have pulled on a wire without knowing or tightened the jack too much??? Not sure, but I am going to open it back up and check it this weekend.


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