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Variax Acoustic 700 EQ Questions
by seratone on 2012-11-30 09:41:05.7930

I'm currently using a Variax Acoustic 700 as my main live/rehearsal guitar - I play Keys in a Rock Pop band (30% of the songs on acoustic guitar). I keep going back to the Variax due to the fact it's the ONLY acoustic guitar solution to cut through a 5 piece rock band in a small rehearsal space. I have Takamine's and Larrivee's but I find it frustrating having the whole band play ‘through’ my guitar. I have tried the L.R. Baggs Para, and Venue DI’s and still my Dreadnaught sounds like nothing but ‘boom and scrape’… so fa the Variax sounds and cuts through the best.

I would like to adjust the EQ to remove what Sound on Sound Magazine called the ‘Banjo’ tone that prevails through all the Acoustic models. Does anyone have any suggestions for this?

Tonebone (Radial) PZ deluxe?

Any pedal sized EQ suggestions?

The thing is most acoustic guitar pre-amps are not made for the Variax – it creates an already ‘produced’ tone

Strangely enough I have tried a Fishman Aura pedal with the Variax and it adds a really nice ‘microphonic’ effect when blended in at about 11 o’clock. I also have a Boss GE7 EQ in my Rig that doesn’t seem to do anything except act as a booster and provide a little bottom end.

If there are any other Variax acoustic users out there wanting to bring their tone to the next level, I’d like to hear from you.

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