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Headphone output vs line output
by Beatlefreek on 2012-12-01 09:21:11.1280

Houston, I have a problem.

I had my POD XT PRO connected to my Mackie Onyx 820i mixer, via the unbalanced analog outs, and everything worked and sounded fine. But I was experimenting the other day with some other connection possibilities — the usb connection, i/o & dig select button, etc, as well as making adjustments on the Onyx. But after a while, I decided to go back to the way I had it connected before with the analog outs.

The problem is now what I'm hearing in the Onyx, is an awful lot of fizz and buzz added into whatever guitar tone I select on the XT, as if the signal is being distorted. And it seems that no matter what buttons or controls on the Onyx are pushed or dialed, I can't get rid of the fizz & buzz. However, when I plug my headphones directly into the XT, everything sounds as it should, perfect: no extraneous fizz or buzz whatsoever.

So, I'm wondering if in my experimentation with the XT if I inadvertently hit some button or made a switch to something (in one of the XT windows that popped up) and is now sending the "wrong" signal to the analog outs? Is it possible that I can hear something in the headphones (when plugged into the XT) that is different from the actual XT output?

If that's the case, how might I correct this problem?

I realize that the fizz & buzz problem might be emanating from the Onyx because, as I said, I made switches there, too. But I'm starting with the XT first, just to make sure the signal I'm hearing in the phones is the signal that is being sent.

If what I hear in the phones is indeed what is being sent to the Onyx, then it will be on to the Onyx to recheck (again) my connections there.

Thanks so much.

Re: Headphone output vs line output
by Beatlefreek on 2012-12-01 11:09:33.9580

Okay, the problem is almost certainly within the XT.

I dug out my POD 2.0 and, without changing anything on the Onyx, connected the POD analog outs to the Onyx. No fizz or buzz at all.

So, as I suspected, I must have hit or switched something on the XT in my experimentation, and I don't know how to get it back to normal.

Please help.

Re: Headphone output vs line output
by Mr_Arkadin on 2012-12-01 14:59:52.7450

You have almost certainly changed the output mode. Check the "What am I connected to?" part of the manual. You have probably set the output to a mode intended for external amps without cab modelling. For direct recording you want cab modelling otherwise it will sound fizzy. This is why it sounds OK in the headphones because that defaults to 'Studio' mode. Make sure you're in 'Studio direct' mode.

Re: Headphone output vs line output
by Beatlefreek on 2012-12-01 16:39:15.5140

Woo hoo!!!!!! That's the fix!! It took all of 2 seconds ... once I knew what I was looking for.

Thank you sooooo much! It was driving me crazy.

This XT Pro is an amazing machine, but there's so may bells & whistles, settings, parameters, what have you, that it's easy to get lost in them all.

Thank you, thank you, thank you again!

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