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New Variax makes my HD5OO screen blink and no sound
by JohnHartMo on 2012-12-01 11:54:03.7550

I just purchased a JTV 69 and brought it home last night. Plugged it into my HD500 with the supplied digital cord and all it does is make my screen on the pod blink. Almost as if it was overloading the unit. It works fine plugged into my amp with a 1/4 inch cord. Different models are working. Can anyone tell me if I am doing something wrong. Lots of info on different tones and patches but I haven't seen anything on basics to make certain I am starting out right. Help anyone?

Re: New Variax makes my HD5OO screen blink and no sound
by mdmayfield on 2012-12-02 13:44:49.3190

Between your Variax's VDI jack, the HD500's, and your digital cable, you're probably seeing essentially the same issue I did here with an older Variax:">">

Basically one of the 8 connections made by the pins in the VDI connectors is not making consistent electrical contact.

First thing I'd suggest is to try a different digital cable. For testing purposes, you can use a regular computer Ethernet cable. You'll definitely want the authentic "EtherCon" style VDI cable for live use, though, since it has physical reinforcement on both ends.

(No, the signal is not Ethernet - don't plug it into your computer or router; you'll fry something. VDI just uses the same shaped connector.)

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