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Mountain Lion and POD HD Desktop
by deparko on 2012-12-01 21:07:53.2040

Does any run this config (Mountain Lion and POD HD Desktop) without getting any crackle/noise when recording/playback?..I've been trying to figure out or fix this problem with my configuration with no possible fix in sight..I've opened a support ticket with Line6..discussed it on the Logic Pro forums and not solutions. I took my POD HD and plugged it into my laptop running problem...Mountain Lion or my older IMAC (late 2009) seem to be the differences..I've seen documented issues with Mountain Lion and audio but not much from the community on current issues...Do I wait hoping the vendors (line6/apple) will product some type of fix or swap out hardware/software to a level that is supported. That is why I'm curious if anyone is getting noise free recording/playback with Mountain Lion and POD HD Desktop..if so what is your hardware/software configuration?

any help would be greatly appreciated.


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