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vetta ii HD problem ??
by lowbuz on 2012-12-01 22:40:21.8030

Hi. I am not overly technical so forgive me.

I have seen people with similar issues , but not exactly so I wanted to reach out.

I have a head that has no output.

Tuner works, knobs work, i can edit presets, so all of that stuff, but no sound.

when I plug the head into a cabinet, it gives what is similar to a tapping/ticking noise about every 5 seconds.

Almost like the sound you get when you first plug a guitar to an amp.

I took a look at the output settings , everything appears to be set correctly.

of course i don't know what i am exactly looking for.

trying to trouble shoot it, maybe it is something simple in the settings somewhere that I am missing.

I am trying to avoid upgrading to a newer version, last time i did that on my other vetta ii ( I have two heads), it completely messed up my tones and I had to revert back .

any guidance is appreciated. Have a big gig coming up and would love to get it up and running by next weekend (probablly a long shot i know).

thanks !

Re: vetta ii HD problem ??
by DickFoster on 2012-12-03 13:39:12.0120

It sounds as if the power amp or perhaps a power supply has packed up on ya. If you've double checked all the power output settings to make sure the amp is enabled then you need to find someone who is handy with electronics repair to take a look at it for ya. If both channels are dead it's more likely a power supply issue of some kind which is typically the most failure prone part of most electronics.

I would not bother with a so called authorized Line 6 repair shop because most of those folks are just PC board swappers. Since Line 6 has decided not to continue support of the Vetta you're pretty much on your own.

This is why I don't recommend that anyone buy a Vetta unless they are either an electronics tech or engineer that has the test equipment, can read a schematic and is also capable of component level electronics repair.

It's most likely fixable but the only real problem is finding someone who can actually fix it. While the PC boards are no longer available from Line6, the component parts are from the usual electronics parts distributors such as DigiKey and the like. 

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