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New Backtrack +mic not working
by gpurinton on 2012-12-02 18:02:33.9080

I just got a Backtrack +mic, and have not been able to get it to do anything. I connected it to my computer to charge it overnight. When I first turned it on (not connected to the computer) it flashed multicolor lights and then went dark. When I tried to record, no lights came on. When I tried to playback (just in case something did record) nothing happened. When I reconnected it to the computer, the computer detected a new drive, but I cannot open the drive to see any files. When I turn on the Backtrack while connected to the computer, the white light comes on for about 12 seconds, then the light flashes green and red for a second, and goes to white for another 2 seconds before going dark. Now pushing any buttons does nothing. I downloaded the firmware, but can't transfer it to the Backtrack because the computer keeps saying to insert a disk into the device. When I unplug the Backtrack, the device disappears as a device in Windows. I performed a reset, but no lights came on after the 3 second press and release, and there has been no change in behavior.

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