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HD500 + DT50 212 Do I need Cab model?
by gu1tarKeith on 2012-12-02 19:23:56.1060

I'm running an HD500 into a DT50212 via L6 Link.  When setting up a Pre model, do I need a CAB MODEL?  What about a MIC MODEL?  I really like the two together.  A lot of fun, and a lot of time figuring out.  Just want to use it in the proper configuration.


Re: HD500 + DT50 212 Do I need Cab model?
by GugaWedge on 2012-12-03 01:34:07.9460

No. If you set it up the preset on the HD500 as preamp only, the DT50 will try to choose the appropriate cab model and mic simulation for you. By choosing the models on the HD500 you are overwriting the amp's default choices.


Re: HD500 + DT50 212 Do I need Cab model?
by DropTheSun on 2012-12-03 04:44:54.7030

This is wrong information!

DT50 will not make any changes for HD500 cab and mic selections. Those settings stays the way you have saved them in HD500.

1. When you connect your DT50 with L6-link, HD500 will automaticaly switch to Combo PWR AMP setting. It's like plug'n Play, ready to rock.

2. I recommend you to use the PRE-versions of the amps (when hooked to DT50) and taking the CAB sim off. Because DT50 212 has a (real) cab already. you don't have to simulate it. You can, of course, use the CAB sim if you like to. But it will colour your tone.

3. Also, you can't use mic'd option when hooked this way(L6 link/Combo PWR AMP). Yes, you are able to switch those mic's, but it doesn't affect your tone. This would colour the amps tone the way, it shouldn't.

So the basics are:

1. Connect the HD500 with L6 link to DT50.

2. Connect your guitar cable to HD500's guitar input.

3. Choose one of the PRE Amp models in HD500 and turn the CAB sim off.

4. You can change the amp settings (volume, drive, treple etc.) from the HD500 and DT50 A Channel controls. Each will make the same affect.

5. You can change the topologys/Triode/Pentode/ClassA/B and Class A settings from DT50 or using HD500 editor in PC/MAC.

6. After you have made your tone using these setups, save the preset in the HD500 and you're done.

Hope this helps!

Re: HD500 + DT50 212 Do I need Cab model?
by GugaWedge on 2012-12-03 23:46:45.1720

You are absolutely correct!

This is what I get by replying to posts when I am half asleep... What i was thinking about is that the DT50 will choose the cab simulation by default for you when you record out of the simulated out on the amp. The sound coming out of your speakers will be the emulated pre-amp with no cab or mic simulation.

Sorry about the confusion.

Re: HD500 + DT50 212 Do I need Cab model?
by gu1tarKeith on 2012-12-05 10:36:09.2930

Thanks a lot for the explanation.

Loving this set-up, just figuring little things like this out.  I just don't want to do anyhting to "handicap" the way it is designed to be used. 

This really helps.

Re: HD500 + DT50 212 Do I need Cab model?
by Stueyd on 2012-12-06 08:28:57.2620

Wow! It works!!!

I have HD500 + DT25 via L6 link and last night I did exactly what you suggested.

Chose a "pre" model and switched the cab sim off (can't switch the mic off though, if you do you lose the "pre" amp model) and then when I start moving the knobs on the DT25 I see this reflected on the HD 500 ! Also shows on my laptop when USB'd in to use HD edit.


I was just doing a quick and dirty test but it seems like a great way to easily get good tones quickly using your ears "real time".

I just used the 4 "pre" amps that I believe the DT25 uses - Fender Blackface, Park 75, Vox AC15, Treadplate and used the cardboard "template" settings that came with the amp to get the classic tones and just tweaked to taste. Sounded great at low volume (kids in bed so couldn't freak out).

When i'm in the studio next week i'll give it some high volume tests and do a back to back test bypassing the HD500 and let you know how it sounds, but initial reaction is that it's good!


Re: HD500 + DT50 212 Do I need Cab model?
by MartinDorr on 2012-12-06 10:07:48.5700

Yes, this works quite well !

2 comments though as you may have run into some cockpit errors or wrong conclusions while playing around:

  • You can turn Cab simulation on in combination with Preamp selection in the HD. In fact the built-in 'American Clean' template in the DT25 is a BF Double Vibrato Channel Preamp with the default BF Double Cab as far as I can tell (others have reported this too before).
  • As soon as your Output mode is anything different than Studio/Direct (your HD will default to Combo or Stack Power Amp mode if it senses a DT combo or DT Head on its Line 6 Link) the Mic and ER settings will be ignored and not affect your tone. This does not mean you 'should' turn Cab simulation on! Use 'No Cab' or Cab models as you like. A Cab model is just a pre-wired multi-band EQ and compression effect that can be further tweaked with the Cab deep editing parameters. It usually adds or removes a few dB output level depending on Cab choice besides changing frequency content.
  • With the last DT FW update you can select a Mic model that is run in the DT itself via MIDI and stored it together with your choice of Reverb and other power amp settings. This Mic model will be only applied to the DT's XLR output you'd normally use to connect to a sound system (saving you a Mic (and Mic $$$ and troubles) in front of the DT), i.e., this DT Mic selection will not impact the sound coming out of your DT driven speaker(s).

Welcome to the club and enjoy,


Re: HD500 + DT50 212 Do I need Cab model?
by DropTheSun on 2012-12-06 13:40:32.7560

I've set those four classic tones in my POD HD500 1A/1B/1C/1D banks too, as a "classic setup". So far the fender clean (BF Double) is actually the best clean sound i use (no cab). I really like it. Vox AC30 clean/crunch comes second. Very nice too! :)

For high gain tones: my favourite is the Treadplate. Very nice "mesa sound". Fireball and SLO overdrive are excellent too and i use them all. Today i may like, that mesa is "the" sound and tomorrow Fireball wins it all. That's the beauty of this rig (DT50 + POD HD500), it's so versatile and it sounds so amazing!

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