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XD-V75 bodypack vibration effects battery meter
by TheOneManBand on 2012-12-02 21:27:23.9350

I got two XD-V75 bodyback systems 2 months ago and bottom line they ROCK!

I did have a challenge and solved the problem with one unit. Thought I'd share the solution with Line6 and those who may see a wackadoodle battery meter and premature draining battery (to the point transmitter shuts down with an hour of fresh batteries) when the transmitter is mounted to something with a lot vibration.

I perform as a real, all live standing one man band with a back pack drum kit. I'm using one XD-V75 body back transmitter with a Shure Beta 98H/C on my snare drum. At 1st I had the transmitter mounted directly to my 22" one head bass drum. The battery meter would go wackadoodle starting at 8:40 time left, randomly going up and down with time left and would shut down mid set. I tried different brands of batteries, I swapped the transmitter with the other one I'm using on my vocal with a Crown 311 Headset and also thought it may be the Shure Beta 98S/H mic BUT problem was solved when I removed transmitter from being mounted directly to my bass drum and mounted it on my shoulder strap instead.

I can't imagine Line6 testing the transmitter directly mounted to a bass drum so this is just a FYI post.

I'm one of very few people (maybe the only person) in the world who uses wireless kick, snare and overhead mics which is why I choose to go digital wireless and not loose frequency range via compounding and expanding audio used in analog wireless.

I can say 100% that the Line6 XD-V75 transmitter can not be directly mounted to anything which will vibrate and shock it, the amount a bass drum will.

AND my only complaint is when inserting the dove tail key to rack two units side by side, way to much force is required, I had to use a lubricant and it's not "moderate force" as described in manual. One of my units now has a dent

Re: XD-V75 bodypack vibration effects battery meter
by RonMarton on 2012-12-02 22:44:41.8550

Subsonic vibrations play havoc with current delivery through any "press-fit" contacts, guitardad72...

Not just TBP12's. Hence the amazingly solid contact schemes insisted upon within all military and/or aviation electronics.

When we think about it, it makes sense that any vibration-induced "sliding" of one contact surface over the other must momentarily deteriorate the intimacy of contact between them ...and the lower the voltage, the more critical any such deterioration must become.

(Now we've only got 1.5 volts to start with.)

With a bass drum, then, you'd accordingly expect a consequent rise in overall (or "average") resistance, with the occasional momentary "open circuit" thrown in for good measure, or (in this case) really bad "measuring" indeed!

If you think that this is an inconvenience, it's probably best you don't even contemplate the messy effects of such subsonics directly applied to the large intestines of humans...

...Which might just be why nobody's yet insisting on Mil-Spec construction for musicians' beltpacks. (Or compulsory diapers for musicians.)

Re: XD-V75 bodypack vibration effects battery meter
by TheOneManBand on 2012-12-02 23:19:37.4110

Thanks for reply Ron.

Never new that about SubSonic Vibrations, new insight and makes perefect sence after I think about it with my own experiences.

BUT I can compare this to the Sennhieser plug on transmitter on an Audix D6 mic which is "shock mounted" inside my bass drum. This plug on has never gone down but it is shock mounted. Also had sennhieser, shure and sony bodypack trasmitters mounted to shell of my bass drum when being filmed for TV many times, and none of those transmitters went down like the Line6. To be fair I did not use these others mounted to my bass drum for extended periods of time like the Line6.

As far as Subsonics and intestines.... look out for that on an episdoe of Myth Busters. They broke that myth with 20hz at I can't remember how many DB's not effecting to test subjects

Re: XD-V75 bodypack vibration effects battery meter
by RonMarton on 2012-12-03 00:07:59.9920

You're right.

I reckon that Sennheiser and Lectrosonics battery contacts definitely are a bit more robust than the door and springs of my TBP12's, particularly in their "butt plug" models, such as Sennheiser's SKP100 and Lectrosonics' "bulletproof" HM.

But there's quite a price to pay for that increase in solidity ...and I'd still be very loth to have them attached directly to a bass drum or shaker table.

As it happens, there's simply no way that I could afford Sennheiser or Lectrosonics systems instead of the XD-V's that I now routinely employ to capture sounds from a huge variety of mics, (including, like you, overheads and drums) eliminating my need to bring them to my desk via a Canare stage box and star-quad multicore. (Click on my pink avatar for more background.)

(People regularly refuse to believe that my amazingly clean and defined Audix D6 kick-drum sound comes via a beltpack that is usually left "flat" at the console, with only judicious compression added !)

Regarding "busting", (be it myths or other, ...aah, ...things) ...just try the LFO from a synth into a subwoofer and see how you feel after only a few minutes of sinewave energy at around 8-15Hz.

Or, better still, ...DON'T!

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