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Sub Bass, Midi Control, Preset/DSP & output effect questions.
by TheOneManBand on 2012-12-02 23:05:02.6840

I was almost set on buying a PreSonus Studio Live 16.0.2 this week but just realized how much it's missing compared to the larger StudioLive models and...

The StageScape M20d appears to ROCK with functions I'm only used to in a DAW. I'm pretty well sold, will have to wait a little longer to buy and have a few questions.

1. Can someone explain how the Sub Bass effect works?

Is it like the DBX Sub Harmonic Synth where the lowest note only is harmonically reproduced at one octave below? I'm very familair with this.

Is it like MaxxBass in Waves? Also very familiar but use the DBX Sub Harmonic more.

I guess my real question is does it artificially produce a single note bass effect harmonically (the way a bell, brass instrument or cave works) OR does it enhance the entire bottom end drawing from the upper cut off frequency?

2. Can any of the mixer be controlled by a midi sequencer via USB port? I perform sometimes with midi tracks running Sonar. I have reverbs and delay program changes per song and turn vocal effects on at the beggining of and off at the end of each song.

3. In the Preset/DSP section can the chosen effects be changed and can the order of effects be changed. For example I know I will want to run (or try to run) the Sub Bass with a MultiComp after it and I do not see that in the "Advanced Guide" Preset DSP Types. As is, it only looks like that would be available using two channels pluggin the output of an aux back into another channel.

4. I can see in manual the monitor/aux outputs have a hi pass, 6 band EQ and limiter. I understand 32 band EQ on any output is only available with L6linkEQ speakers. That's to bad, I just bought an EV K series system

BUT what if any effects are on the main outputs for FOH? Any dynamic processing or EQ? Am I still gonna have to cart around my DBX DriveRack?

BTW, I've owned 4 POD's (greatest portable guitar rig ever!) and own two XD-V75 systems.

Some of my questions may not apply to a lot of people. I'd just love to get some insight as I'm 99% gonna wait on upgrading my working rig (what I make a living with) from an analog Mackie 1402 and a pile of rack gear to a Line6 M20d instead of a StudioLive or Mackie.


Re: Sub Bass, Midi Control, Preset/DSP & output effect questions.
by ArneLine6 on 2012-12-03 10:20:37.6350

1. The Sub Bass effect is an effect that dynamically increases the low end using eq- like processes without affecting your overall output level too much. It works very well. For example if your kick drum lacks some low end because the microphone is not ideal or similar you can get quite drastical low end without ending up with extreme levels.  The perceived addition of low end can be around 18dB with only 5dB in actual level increase. It also does not add some undefined subs like many processors that generate sub harmonics.

2. Unfortunately not at the moment. You can pre program any mix and effects settings and change them with scene changes via the footswitches.

3. You can choose from almost any possible configuration of the DSP. The Sub Bass and the Multicomp are not available in one DSP type.

4. The main outputs have a high pass filter, a 4 band multiband compressor, a 6 band fully parametric eq, a limiter and control for the 31 band eq in stagesource speakers.

The information above may not be current, and you should direct questions to the current forum or review the manual.