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Latency through headphone jack
by tikigod on 2012-12-03 04:59:10.8700

Hi! I'm experiencing some latency issues with the output jack of my Spider IV 2x10 (120W). It's not much, but just enough to have a weird out of phase sound between the sound of my strings and my headphones.

Also, I find the tone to be very "digital" and lacking bass.. don't know if someone knows a workaround for all of this..?



Re: Latency through headphone jack
by fflbrgst on 2012-12-03 07:37:19.9570

Unless you are using cordless/wireless headphones, there should be no latency.  Is it possible you have a delay FX set with the mix knob to 100% (giving you all delay signal and no original signal)?

As to the sound, without running the sound through speakers, you may indeed notice a 'digital' sound if you are using any distortion - you need to adjust tones for headphone output or DI to a computer or amp.  Lack of bass may be due to the response curve of your headphones.

Re: Latency through headphone jack
by tikigod on 2012-12-03 17:11:47.4520

I know what to ask for christmas now.. a decent pair of wired headphones. Thank you very much!

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