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HD 500 output settings
by evo1340 on 2012-12-03 08:55:12.3530

Hi everyone: I have a Dream Rig, HD 500, DT25 and JTV-69. I will be using this in live performances which I want to use the acoustic models and electric guitars sending a line signal to our PA mixer. I have a XLR ran from the HD 500 left out to mixing board and using the L6 link to the DT25 with the Variax hooked up using the special XLR to HD 500.

I set the outputs on the HD500 to Studio/Line and the switch set to line to get the best sound to the mixer for the acoustic sounds. However, it has changed the sound to the DT25 as well. The DT25 sounds dark/muffled. I tried changing the EQ setting and did not come up with what I would like to hear.

I am assuming the output is a global setting only?

Also, using this setup and playing electric guitar my signal is too distorted to the PA mixer(FOH). Is there something I am missing or have setup wrong. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Re: HD 500 output settings
by hurghanico on 2012-12-03 13:45:50.7090

have a look here:

Re: HD 500 output settings
by greghall on 2012-12-04 01:41:57.7290

Yes, the output setting is global - unfortunately!

The best way to set this up (IMO) is to use the default "combo pwr amp" output mode, and use the direct out from the DT to connect to the PA, for electric guitar (as Studio Direct sounds horrible through the DT).

As recommended in the above link - for acoustic tones / patches, use the effects loop out, to take the signal direct to the PA on a different channel (effectively by-passing the DT). You'll need some of this signal in the stage monitors, if you have them. Alternatively, you could take the signal from the effects loop out to an acoustic guitar amp, and them mic it for the PA.


Re: HD 500 output settings
by evo1340 on 2012-12-05 08:30:49.2890

Greg: Thanks for the reply

I tried the FX send on the HD500 last night and could not get any signal to the Pa?

Below is my settings

Input 1 = Variax

Input 2 = Variax mags

Output = combo power amp

I tried several different patches, some with amp models and some blank. Either way no signal was being sent to the Pa. What do you suggest?

Another question: Running two amp models with the above I/O settings and the HD500 mixer set Amp A = Left & Amp B = right and panned accordingly, shouldn’t I be able to control/balance the two signals to my liking? EX-1: Amp A when I pull down the fader to zero shouldn’t it have zero output. Note: Only sending the signal to the DT25 via L6 link. My goal was to perhaps have a distorted signal on one side and a cleaner amp on the other side, then blending them.

EX-2: If I have Amp A (left-panned left)set to a AC 30 and my Variax on the mag pickups and Amp B no amp model with the signal being sent via (XLR left balance out) to the PA mixer with the Variax on a acoustic model shouldn’t I have two separate signals that I have control over using the HD500 mixer? In my way of thinking this would be a stereo setup.

I have had the Hd500 for about 4 weeks and have spent 4-5 hours or more everyday learning it. I have read the manuals and viewed many postings on the line6 community website along with using YouTube and I still cannot accomplish this. It is a lot to think about but according to what I see others doing, including Line6 reps demoing the same dream rig, it should be possible. I am probably missing something along the way but cannot figure it out. In the beginning I was using 2 combo amps sending the signals (XLR L & R) and could not achieve the stereo connection with the mentioned controll over them. Now I would like to use the DT25 for my electric sounds and my Pa for acoustic sounds. Everything being controlled by the HD500 and Variax. Regardless if this can be done exactly as I have noted, how can I achieve it? It is possible, I ‘m sure! It would also be nice to be able to have both signals at the same time. Am I asking too much? Oh well, you must shoot for excellent if you ever want to adcheive it.

Please let me know your thoughts and if you have specific setups for what I want to accomplish, I would appreciate you noting them so I will have a check list to go by to get everything set correctly.

Thanks for your time

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