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Should my amp be resonating?
by Uncle_Bungle on 2012-12-03 11:11:13.8920

I've only had the DT25 combo for about a month and use it alongside a HD500. All amp models are selected as the 'pre' versions and I use the L6 Link to connect.   

I usually use only 2 patches - one a Fender and one a Vox AC30TB. With the Vox patch the amp will resonate with certain notes which the Fender won't - The patch is in itself a lot louder than the Fender one but regardless or turning down drive, bass, amp or mixer volume this sound will remain. It's reminiscent of if a spring was resonating sympathetically with the note.

Now the big thing here is I've never owned a tube amp before so I'm not sure if this behaviour is typical for a Vox setting etc or not as I say the Fender setting doesn't exhibit this behaviour.

Anyone able to help?     

Re: Should my amp be resonating?
by stumblinman on 2012-12-04 16:12:19.6600

Maybe try a different topology on the Vox model and see if it happens then too.  The different topologies have very different frequency responses, so that is what I would lean towards being the issue.

Re: Should my amp be resonating?
by spaceatl on 2012-12-04 16:32:21.8930

Try the pencil test...With things on the patch where it is making the sound, turn the guitar all the way down and gently tap each tube with a pencil. If you hear the tapping through the speaker, you might have found your culprit...Sometimes some of the plate welds fail or wear in tubes where the plate will physically resonate...good luck.

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