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Pod Farm, no sound in right channel
by floyd_rose on 2012-12-03 21:19:27.9330

Hello guys, i'm having a pretty weird problem with pod farm. when i pan 100% right, there is no sound. On the other hand, when i pan 100% left, sound comes out of both the monitors. I'm using Line 6 ux2 as my audio interface, M-audio bx5a studio monitors. Please guys, help me out!

Re: Pod Farm, no sound in right channel
by hulbert on 2012-12-04 05:08:12.4890



Does it also happen when using a player like winamp and you pan left and right?

Trying to think how it could be coming out both when full left etc. and nothing when right. Normaly when things like that happen its no sound  out one and full sound out other.

Ahh...hang on, just been trying to picture the wiring.

Just thought it might be that the 'left' channel of pod farm is getting into the input of the 1st monitor (left) and the sound is going out to the other (right) speaker too (from the left channel of pod farm - not right) and so it 'appears' like you are getting the full sound, but are getting pod farm left out of both speakers.

A guess (forgive me if you have already checked this) would be that the wire connecting the ux2 to the monitors, is not correct or has an adaptor on one end which is making it only pass on the left channel from the ux2.

I'll check a picture of the bx5a but I think it probably has a single stereo input in the back.

Have a check if the plug going into this has 3 sections on the pole or 2. You will want 3. (Unless it is a different way of inputting than what I have mentioned - possibly is, but likely to be a stereo input)

God Bless,


Re: Pod Farm, no sound in right channel
by Triryche on 2012-12-04 06:23:27.4960

Are you monitors connected to the UX by the L & R analog outs or headphone socket?

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