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UX2 latency
by rickwillingham on 2012-12-04 02:43:47.7220

Hello all,

Windows 7 Professional SP1

Intel i5 CPU 2.53 GHz

4.00 GB RAM

64-bit OS

Cubase 6

Line 6: Tone Direct, UX2, Gearbox, Monkey, Pod Farm, Pod Farm 2, all updated to latest versions

I had tried posting in the "lounge" section of this form and was suggested to post the same question here:

In one of the many windows that I've gone through the latency is clocked at 14.55ms for the Line 6 ASIO driver and 356ms for the built-in generic ASIO driver.  I have the POD Farm output settings set to "dry" and I've adjusted Windows to 'best performance' instead of 'best appearance'.  The DPC Latency Checker from indicates I don't have a latency problem.  When I use the mouse to trigger midi sounds (Halion, toontrack), the time between mouse click and sound is near instantaneous (no latency issues audible to me).

Yet, with all of the above (regardless of which ASIO driver, by the way), I have a noticable,unchanging latency playing a guitar through the UX2.

I don't know how to measure it, but playing something not so fast (intro guitar riff to country song My Maria), I get to the next note before I hear the first note played. I hear and feel the first note on the guitar then the delayed sound comes through the headphones.  I would guess that the delay is about an eigth note in duration (making playing on time next to impossible).

I have used the UX2 on an XP machine and did not ever have any latency issues.

The UX2 is connected directly to the laptop, the mouse goes through a USB hub.

The buffer is one notch above minimum and going to the smallest cuts out all sound. No other audio issues such as white noise, glitches, or pops...

Any suggestions on what to do to get near-zero latency out of the UX2?

One other setting to note: The UX2 is the default device for playback and recording.

Re: UX2 latency
by hulbert on 2012-12-04 04:52:01.2430


   You said tone direct so I think you probably are using pod farm standalone, but I just thought I'd ask just in case.

By the way, you have made a very thorough list of settings etc.

God Bless,


Re: UX2 latency
by Triryche on 2012-12-04 06:28:23.9350

How are your headphones connected?

To the UX or the PC?

Re: UX2 latency
by rickwillingham on 2012-12-04 08:24:43.7880

Thanks for checking in David...

Hi Triryche - speakers and headphones are connected to the UX2 outputs.

User TheRealZap posted a suggestion on my original post in the "lounge" which ended up solving the issue. He had me check that the UX2 was the default in Pod Farm standalone.  It was set to auto-detect in PF and UX2 in PF2 - that was probably causing a software conflict which resulted in the delayed playback. 

I have just checked Gearbox and it was set to auto-detect as well so I switched it to UX2 - and the issue returned!  Fortunately, it dissapeared just as quickly once I opened PF2. 

I deleted the shortcuts to PF and Gearbox so that I won't cause myself more issues like that.

Anyway, now latency is reduced to the point of sounding like reverb and not affecting my playing/timing.

Thank you to all respondents!

Re: UX2 latency
by hulbert on 2012-12-10 01:45:47.6410

Good to hear you got it working.

God Bless,


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