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For when a sale or discount on Pod Farm 2.5 Platinum?
by pimpolho on 2012-12-04 04:02:49.6100

Hey Line 6 for when a sale or discount on Pod Farm Platinum?

Instead of doing sales and discounts for millionaires like the ones in progress in your site, what do you think of doing it for pod farm 2.5 Platinum for example.

Companies like Fxpansion for example made a whole December month black friday and some of their products got a 60% discount, they got my money straight way for the DCAM synths, maybe a good example to folow Line 6.

I admit that saving 500$ in a +2000$ buy its a very good deal but not all of us have that money or need that configuration, so small buyers should have acces to sales as well.

In my specific case I have the normal pod farm 1 and since more than a year that i wait for a discount on the Pod Farm 2.5 Platinum, I will not not give 300$ for it and I will wait for the sale, if it never arrives i will continue with the first one.

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