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Has anyone utilized the Pod HD Pro and Pod HD 500 together?
by JRMyntz on 2012-12-04 07:58:57.5140

Im sure I'll be questioned by a few as to why I would want to do what would seem so redundant.. so let me give the background on why I'm looking into this option.  Prior to the purchase of my HD500, I was running an M13 and a Spider Valve MK1 amplifier for my live shows, I was absolutely in love with the effects I was getting from the M13, but the MK1 lacked the bit of tone I wanted from an amp.  When I discovered the DT50 series amplifier.. I thought here is my solution, however knowing that my shortboard wouldnt control the amp, I looked into the option of going with a HD500 to have complete floor control of my rig.  To fund the purchase of the HD500, I chose to sell the M13 given the HD500 has all the same effects built right into the unit.. perfect situation to condense down right?  That brings me to today's situation.

Some of my patches are exceeding the DSP limit due to multiple effects (many delays) being used on one particular patch.  Combined that with my laziness of dragging an 80 pound amp from show to show when I also have the duties of the PA since thats my gear too.. and it brings me to today's question of linking the two together, thus giving me the ability to expand DSP limit (in theory.)

My concept goes as follows, I will use the Pod Pro to run the simulated amplifiers/cabs/and any kind of effect I want to stay as a constant i.e. perhaps a compressor pedal/tube screamer, whatever the case may be where I don't intend to ever toggle it on or off.  The HD500 I would want to put in the loop to basically set the HD500 up as a floorboard unit with selectable fs1-fs8 to control various delays, reverbs, chorus similar to the m13, but more powerful because if needed I could be running more than 4 effects at a time (not saying I will but the power is there.)  This would also save me from purchasing another M13 and selling off the HD500.  I would probably pick up a FBV Express pedal in order to switch between amp patches on the Pod Pro.  All this will run through my Peavey 24 channel mixer and my IPR power amps.

So my questions would be, has anyone done such a link as this?  Am I correct in assuming this will double my DSP limit and allow me to perform what I am describing?  Can anyone forsee and conflicts with doing this, delay in the chain from two multi processors working in conjunction and such?  I'm all ears to hear from the community and the experts!

Re: Has anyone utilized the Pod HD Pro and Pod HD 500 together?
by TheRealZap on 2012-12-04 08:09:51.6510

I know that this has been done and can work together well....

i actually just use a simple M5 in the loop, midi connected and it changes with my tones etc...

usually offload something like the reverbs, or whatever is pushing my limits...

would probably work much the same with an M9/M13 as well...

just throwing out some options.

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