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How do you have your HD 500 hooked up?
by getwidth on 2012-12-04 11:31:58.2660

With so many ways to hook things up, I am wondering if you would share how you have yours hooked up and what trouble you had/having with it.  Or maybe how you had it hooked up before and why you switched, etc. 

How I have mine currently

I am working on getting mine working good with my Blackstar HT-60 amp.  I have been trying about all of the combinations.  I want to do and are trying to do the 4 cable method.  I am trying to use this method becuase I want to use the Pre-Amps from the Blackstar amp.

I bought a "needs repair" Mesa 20/20 Dyna amp that I just got fixed and are going to try running that amp with it.  Then I will try some of the amp modeling and see if I prefer the Blackstar 4CM hookup or the Mesa amp hook up.

Re: How do you have your HD 500 hooked up?
by scheater5 on 2012-12-04 12:40:47.5080

Got mine straight to the house.  Whole of my sound is from the Pod.  Perfect?  No.  Just as good as a real amp in less than ideal environment (smoky bars and cheap stages)?  Yes.  Definitely. 

If I play on a bigger stage, I usually run through an amp, but that setup tends to vary.

Re: How do you have your HD 500 hooked up?
by jws1982 on 2012-12-04 12:51:07.2270

Sounds like you'd be better off using the POD for effects only, or using the M13 effects board.  You're using the pre-amps of the Blackstar amp, and a power amp from Mesa, both of which will color the sound.  You obviously will be using a speaker cabinet, so you won't need cabinet modeling.   So, that just leaves effects.   The POD HD does those well, and so does the M13. 

Mine's hooked up in true POD fashion: XLR direct to the PA.  Just a guitar, pod, and PA monitor.

Re: How do you have your HD 500 hooked up?
by getwidth on 2012-12-04 13:02:19.5550

I don't use all three at the same time, I want to try the POD and the Mesa Amp.  Right now I use the Blackstar amp/pre-amp and the POD for FX and maybe some light distortion pedals. 

After trying out the Blackstar/POD for a minute, I want to try all the modeling and use the Mesa for the amp.  noting that the Mesa will alter the sound.

Re: How do you have your HD 500 hooked up?
by scottyo78 on 2012-12-04 15:58:43.0200

For Live:

I run my HD500 with the Left/Mono 1/4" out to the clean channel on my USA made Fender Stage 112. This is my main stage monitor and I also get some bleed through via the vox monitors in front of me which all makes my ears happy. I have an SM57 on it and I also run the Left XLR to the house board. This way, if I have to turn my amp up cuz of a loud drummer or a bassist who wants to feel the thump, the sound guy can turn down my amp feed and blend accordingly with the XLR/house line.

At home:

I don't mess with the 4CM, I run the 1/4" outs to a stereo pair of amps in each corner (bass traps installed) or my room and the XLR's go to my recording setup.

Lastly, I have a BBE Sonic Stomp in the effects loop, placed last in my effects chain which is 'always' on.

Re: How do you have your HD 500 hooked up?
by getwidth on 2012-12-04 17:27:22.8060

Cool, so you just run all your FX up front?  I did that for years, worked fine until I started reading about "tone".  Ha.  I probably should have just stayed oblivious to the common hook-ups so that I could play more guitar instead of always messing with it.

Re: How do you have your HD 500 hooked up?
by BigChas52 on 2012-12-04 17:41:08.9190

Primary rig:  HD500 into DT25 via Line6 Link.  DT25 mic'd

Secondary rig:  HD500 direct into board via XLR.  1/4 into powered speaker for monitoring. (gives a bit more flexibility for using Variax acoustic models)

Re: How do you have your HD 500 hooked up?
by BeerHump on 2012-12-04 21:20:28.0850

I'm using the 4CM and really enjoying it. But because I'm so lazy, I haven't done any comparisons between the 4CM and just using the HD500 in front of my amp though. I just figured I'd like to take advantage of the full functionality on offer so after a bit of a struggle, I got it sorted and I've stuck with it and am very happy with the results. I use my single channel Egnater's preamp for crunch tones and model amps for the clean stuff. I'm in a covers band most of the time and the HD500 is fantastic for emulating the sounds created by the original guitarists. I'm going to try the XLR to desk output (as well as using my amp) this weekend.

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