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Just got a JTV69S
by dlacava on 2012-12-04 18:08:26.6740

Ok forum people I have a couple of questions,

My jtv69s is new to me and i hope someone can help, first question, Do I need the palm muting upgrade even if I just purchased the guitar? is this an enhanced for all jtv's or if it's there don't download it?

and also if I hook the giutar up for upgrades will my guitar default back to original settings ?

The band I'm in also tunes a half step down, Eb so I tried it and it is holding up ok I want to use the magnetic pickups also in my playing so I have no choice to tune the guitar to Eb.

When you do that you just have to think half step down while using the modeling part of the guitar.omenic.

will getting a Pod HD 500 really give me more control and better sound for this guitar? is it really worth it?

Thanks, Domenic

Re: Just got a JTV69S
by petef on 2012-12-05 03:52:14.2920

congrats on the JTV..

There are threads answering most if not all of your questions.

1.  All JTVs can be updated to 1.9 but it is not essential..  your JTV is likely at 1.8

2. You need to install the CD on a PC, and set up a Line6 account (can be the same user name as dlacava, but is a different login (and password..or not).

3.  Take the time to register your JTV serial number with Line6 (may help if stolen, establishes warranty as well)

4.  When you update firmware, the software will ask if you want to keep current settings (you should backup your JTV using the workbench GUI)

5.  On Eb tuning, you may (almost for sure) need to reset the tension on the tremelo springs to keep the tremelo the same 'neutral' position from the body.  Take a picture or 2 of this from the side an rear (strap button end) for initial reference.  Note that JTV69/59 come with DAdario XL110 (0.010 - 0.44) strings, if you change that you will also need to re-intonate.. not hard, takes time.  Strongly reccommend a Peterson Strobe tuner (software, flip or clip on), there are also freebees on the web for smart phones (not peterson).

6.  The simulations will work fine with Eb

7.  I use my JTV with HD500 and it is a fantastic combination (and the HD500 powers the JTV so the battery is not discharged quickly).  BTW, the battery is a Sony camcorder type, so you can get a spare for a tad less than the Line6 clone.  Search the HD500 and JTV forums for comments on the integrated use of both..

best of luck.

I have a JTV69 (SSH, K) and JTV59P(K), use with HD500 to FRFR

Re: Just got a JTV69S
by davidb7170 on 2012-12-05 07:19:23.1120

I agree with most everything you posted except for 2 things:

1. I got my JTV-69S(K) in October, and was surprised to see that it came with firmware version 1.7x, so after messing with it for a few hours, I upgraded to 1.82. Then a few days later the 1.9 firmware was released. That one took a couple tries to get the update to work on my 69S. I did the 1.9 update on my JTV-59(K) I've had since May 2011 and it only took one try using the same VDI cable via the same HD500, so it was probably a USB or communications error with the PC/HD500/DVI/JTV connection(s).

Besides the acoustic guitar model revisions, the 1.8x firmware improved the functionality of the JTV/VDI Cable/HD500 combination -- there are numerous threads about this as well.

Petef -- I guess I'm surprised -- you got the JTV59P recently I assume? Was it's Firmware at the 1.8x level when it arrived?

7. The battery is totally unecessary to be installed if you use the HD500/VDI/JTV combination -- but because it is electrically connected if it's inside the guitar, it will slowly drain. I recommend taking it out, charge it up and just keep it in your guitar case.

I did need to use my battery once when I buggered one end of my VDI cable -- probably stepped on it or something, it went out of spec, and would no longer fit either the guitar or (at the time) my X3L VDI jack. I had to pull out a 1/4" cable and put in the battery -- it had a full charge -- I had it in my guitar case for months at that point, so will hold a charge for a long time, if nothing drains it away. Periodically pull it out of your case and check it in your guitar, charge when necessary. Also saves a bit of weight on the shoulders -- yeah not much, but anything helps on a four hour gig... And boy, you sure miss the ability to switch the JTV with the patches with the VDI cable. I promptly replaced the one I buggered. You really get spoiled...

Just my 2 cents...


Re: Just got a JTV69S
by petef on 2012-12-06 06:50:23.1110


I really don't recall the firmware version as received on the 59P but I 'think' it was 1.8.  I just got it about 3 weeks ago (Guitar Center).

I agree on the battery comments, but I just keep mine installed (just as a quick backup to the 1/4" if the VDI craps out during the gig).. You are correct that the battery drains a bit.  I have to recharge my 69SSH(K) one every 3 months or so.

My comment on the replacement battery is just a PSA discovered by someone either here or TGP that the LiIon battery is the same format as  a Sony camcorder..

I have a few Ethercon cables on the way from BestTronics.  They make good quality stuff and the VDI version they make is both limp and better supported for strain than the Line6 cable (both the old and new ones I have).  I also ordered a replacement cable for my Line6 G90, the stock one is really crappy, not in line with the G50/90 quality..  I'm just a customer of BestTronics...


Re: Just got a JTV69S
by dlacava on 2012-12-06 17:00:36.4630

Hi Guys me again,

I'm having a hard time getting workbench on my computer I did everything I was supposed to do I hooked up the converter box to the usb port followed the instructions, downloaded monkey and when I plug the jtv 69s into the box a red flashing light starts to go on. the usb to the box is green but the one to the guitar is red. I can't seem to figure it out. and also I didn't get a cd to load anything the monkey software did all the drivers for me. the guitar is registered I'm registered so whats next ? I have to be overlooking something but what?

HELP    Dom Lacava.

Re: Just got a JTV69S
by edstar1960 on 2012-12-07 00:51:55.4910

You need to also plug a 1/4 inch guitar cable into the JTV to enable the guitar circuit to switch on.  You also must have the battery in the JTV to provide power - or you need the separate XPS box that will provide power via a TRS cable to the 1/4 inch socket.

If you don't have both of these then you will get a red light and Workbench won't be able to communicate with the JTV.

Good luck! Hope that fixes it for you.

Re: Just got a JTV69S
by dlacava on 2012-12-07 06:21:18.2460

Thanks, I will try it out.

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