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Running lights on-No sound - power tubes are dark
by dvd5445 on 2012-12-04 22:53:03.4210

I just bought a used L6 spider mkii 2-12 model.  I have an older spider valve but wanted the new features.  It sounded great when I tried it out and then brought it home.  Suddenly, the sound got very dirty, then quieter, then gone altogether.  Wasn't too hot.  Wasn't playing loud.  There are L6 repair centers in the denver area but I'd like a theory for you guys as you know your product.  FYI, I always was a "tube" guy and liked the concept but any time I played through an L6 it just wasn't what I wanted to sound like.  I auditioned with a band about a year ago and the guitarist had a L6 spider valve and was playing a no name guitar through it and it sounded great.  I played my guitar through it and bought it on the spot.  I tried the mkii with the newer features and decided to get a newer model.  So I think you have a great product, but it will need to work most of the time.  Any advice if I can fix this myself, where I can buy the parts or where I should take it in the North Denver area. 



Re: Running lights on-No sound - power tubes are dark
by Line6Drew on 2012-12-07 09:47:52.5590

Hey DvD

Bummer news about the output going out on you. Im sorry to hear it friend. Depending on how often the amp was used or how it was used by the previous owner would tell a good story about what could be causing the problem. Lots of use or misusing the standby feature can lower the average 2 year life span of tubes. More than likely it is the tubes that need to be replaced. An authorized Line 6 service center can hook this up for you. Find one here:">">


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