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i think i have faulty fbv express...but want to make sure
by c_richh on 2012-12-05 22:44:23.5640

my fbv express mkII is causing a buzzing noise on all my channels on both my spider amps. my amps are fine...but as soon as i plug in the footswitch, the buzzing comes back. i tried using different cables, the problem stayed the same. i figured i would try to  update it with monkey via usb, but i cant get my computer to recognize my express mkII. every time i plug it in it says "device is not recognized" so i tried plugging my shortboard mkII in and my computer and line6 monkey recognized it no problem. this problem occured last night out of nowhere. i was just jamming normaly and then i heard a strange buzzing. any help would be appreciated. sorry if the explanation of my problem is confusing.

Re: i think i have faulty fbv express...but want to make sure
by fflbrgst on 2012-12-06 05:32:45.7540

Unfortunately, its a common occurence - Monkey not seeing the FBV Express.  I eventually had to use another computer.

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