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SampleRate Fixing to 44.1Khz Only with RME FireFace series [Problem]
by s0415 on 2012-12-06 09:19:11.9090

Hello. Help me ! my old friend Line6 ^^

Point :  Farm2 is Always Automatically Set to ONLY 44.1Khz Sample Rate and Fixed!

               If When selected USB Device set to RME FireFace series on WIndows7.

               I want SampRerate set to 48Khz and other !

              But! If When i have select USB Device set to POD Pro series

              POD Farm2 and SampleRate setting goes to Works Fine!  Everything is Good!

I'm  Studio Session Guitar Player. i have a lot of Line6 Friends. I love this stuff and LINE6 ^^

But... I am fighting with this little problem a year ago.

RME Fireface Interface HI-Z jack until I have time to upgrade to the POD HD PRO POD FARM2 Input PreAmp recording has.

However, I still think the quality is good. RME AD converters of the AD converters than LINE6

But.POD Farm 2 Standalone and chemistry with RME Fireface series does not fit the bugs fixed sample rate to 44khz.

Therefore, I was able to use only the POD FARM 2 Plugin.

I want to fix the problem this time.

I have tested with....

POD HD PRO , POD XT PRO , RME FireFace 400(fw) , RME FireFace UC(Usb) on Windows XP. WIndows7, OSX 10.7.4 OSX.10.6.8

on Inte base PC , Inte base MAC PRO and MacBook Pro , Of course, using the latest drivers and firmware Until today.

I think. This problems is only for Windows ( OSX is works fine)

Please Help me . i goes to be crazy maybe.....^^;;

God Bless you ^^

LINE6_PODFarm2 Error SR_Win7 copy.jpg

LINE6_PODFarm2 Error SR2_Win7 copy.jpg

LINE6_PODFarm2 Error SR_MAC1 copy.jpg

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