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Seriously disappointed.
by rockit99 on 2012-12-06 17:09:06.1880

After a break of 2 years I dusted off my UX2 and upgraded the software on my MacBook Pro 15" (OS 10.8.2). Why the break? Because I couldn't believe that in 2010 I was still restricted to a 760 x 480 window in which to play. This, coupled with a GUI that looked like an orphan from World of Warcraft and a very non-Mac interface meant that I just gave up trying to use it. I don't see why I should learn a new interface just for one application. I have to admit that when it worked it worked well, great sounds, very clean sound (no noise etc).

So, I update all the software and... No change!! Incredibly it's still 760 x 480 in an age when 1920 x 1080 (at least!) monitors are de facto screen resolution, and at least resizable windows. Are they living under rocks? And don't get me started about the fonts used...

There was one new thing - Gearbox crashed with the 8000003 error, which I gather has been ongoing for a couple of YEARS! I did see a suggestion of changing the USB port... Please! Is the programming so poor that the application can't take care of the I/O? Why hasn't it been fixed? Turning it off and on again is a joke reserved for The IT Crowd.

Obviously, the software is simply ported from Windows with the minimum of effort and no regard for the Human Interface Guidelines as laid down by Apple.

But wait! There is some good news. Agile have released AmpKit for Mac! Joy of Joys! It's so easy to use, great sounds, full Mac interface... Brilliant! Funny thing though... I used the UX2 as the audio interface in - I experimented a bit and found it gave a better sound than the MacBook line-in port. But after 5 minutes or so of operation it craps out with a delay and distortion setting in. If I power off (the input in Ampkit or unplug the UX2) and back on again it clears it, but it is rather boring. Again, turning it off and on again is a joke reserved for The IT Crowd.... And yes it is the Line 6 stuff that's doing it (and before you ask, I've double checked my drivers, reinstalled etc etc....). It doesn't happen if I use the line-in port. I suppose I shouldn't expect it to work with another manufacturers software but really....

Oh.. and for 25 years I was a guitar tech working with major artists. I've worked in many top studios and used 'pro' gear like Pro Tools and Logic. I really do know my way around gear. I don't expect Line 6 to match up to that kind of level but I do consider that the software should be broadly compatible with the Mac OS of 2012.

Right, I need a little lie down now....

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