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Flextone III Delay Problem on Certain Patch
by Butch_Snyder on 2012-12-06 17:39:19.8190

Hi all,

I noticed something really odd the other day with my Flextone III.  I play using the FBV Shortboard.  I noticed that on bank1/channel1 everything sounded fine but I had lost the delay.  I would switch to bank1/channel2 and back again.  The delay was normal after that.  Last night however, bank1/channel1 lost the delay again and switch to another patch and and back again didn't resolve the issue.  I had to copy the patch from bank1/channel2 over to bank1/channel1 and lower the gain setting to have what I originally had in that bank/channel.  What could be doing this?  Do I need to do a factory reset and copy my patches back in?  I know sometimes modeling amps' logic kind of gets weird and it needs a reset.  Anyone else experience a problem like this?



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