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FX Mute Button?
by rudarel on 2012-12-07 07:56:14.1250

I can't find the FX Mute button anywhere....!! 

I Need this for small announcements between songs.

My firmware version is 1.0, is there a newer version available?

if there is a newer version..!! i dont see it under downloads M20D.

Can Anyone Help? Arne or Dboomer, or anyone having same problem.

PS: One video clip demonstration of M20D on youtube shows different software options then what i have on my board. in that video I see some (gratuation hat icon) that i dont have on my mixer, and a window to where you can engage auto trim for all channels you want under same window and then the pust this button that starts monitoring all channels engaged and makes trim corections and also claims to increase volume to compensate as needed.

Re: FX Mute Button?
by Slidedude on 2012-12-07 08:32:45.8710

You can create a Subgroup and assign the FX Returns to it. Then you can mute the Subgroup when you want to mute the FX.

Additionaly, you can program one of the footswitch jacks to mute the FX....hands-free muting!

Re: FX Mute Button?
by rudarel on 2012-12-07 10:20:16.7140

Thanks Slidedude,  the subgroup sounds complicated and probably not such instant access to MUTE FX, the footswitch may be ok but i mainly use my iPad to control the M20D so naturally i would expect the SS to have a simple (Mute-Fx) button somewhere on the screen at all times without having to flip pages, but even a flip page one will be better then NONE.....

Re: FX Mute Button?
by dboomer on 2012-12-07 12:52:27.3420

Any "single button" mute would have to reference a subgroup someplace as some users may wish to mute only some efx without muting the others.   Creating a subgroup does this nicely and it's not complicated.  And you end up with a single button that can be accessed from an iPad.

Re: FX Mute Button?
by rudarel on 2012-12-07 15:27:19.1790

Thanks dboomer,  on my previous DL1608 it was very simple. Above the FX faders there was a mute button, instant access to mute FX.

About Subgroup?  are you refering to creating a MIC preset without FX in it and just recall it from the FILE icon as needed?

PS: By the way, the preset name to the left of the file icon  dont change when choosing diferent preset, so i have to keep opening the preset window to see what preset is highlighted and loaded current. any info on this? firmware 1.0... is there a newer one?

Re: FX Mute Button?
by ArneLine6 on 2012-12-07 19:38:35.9680

A group is created by double clicking an empty encoder. A dialog shows up and you can assign the effects (or any input channel). This Group encoder is directly accessible in the encoder strip. One push of a button. Groups are also very convenient to adjust levels for several channels at once or to mute all fx at once or just the vocal reverb between songs etc.

The preset does actually change concerning the eq, compressor etc. When you put an icon on stage and have not changed anything the icon and the name changes when you assign a new preset. If you had already tweaked it we are assuming that you want to keep the icon, the name and the input settings. The eq, compressor, fx, dynamic eq etc. does change according to the new preset.

You have the recent version. We are implementing many of the user requests and we are listening in order to provide an update that is worth it.

Re: FX Mute Button?
by rudarel on 2012-12-08 06:18:48.3910

Thank you ArneLine6, asuming there are instructions in the user book, i will try this subgroup. Would it be accesable on the main screen under perform mode, or do i have to flip pages?

For now i created 2 mic presets using the file icon to where all mics have no FX (called it "FX Mute") and another one with all FX back on, called (FX On), but i have to go to tweek mode, then hit file icon, then choose FX Mute,

this is "3 steps".

Ps: You stated you are listening and implementing, here is my list:

1. Faders turning linear when touched and stay linear when double tapped, also db gain numbers will be nice.

2. FX Mute in Perform screen mode, instant access to it.

3. Mic presets like (e965 Male) or (SM58 Female) etc...

4. 6 band EQ on laptop icon. I compress and EQ my backing tracks to blend in with vocals.

Re: FX Mute Button?
by ArneLine6 on 2012-12-08 17:58:47.7600

Thank you for your feedback !

The groups appear on the main screen just like a channel and are always accessible in perfom, setup and monitor mode. Just find an empty encoder, double click it, assign the desired fx to the group. To mute the assigned fx you just press the mute button on the group now.

Re: FX Mute Button?
by rudarel on 2012-12-09 17:56:41.6160

Hi ArneLine6, I did it, i created the sub-group for FX Mute. Thank you, It works grate.

The only thing left is linear Faders so i can actually start useing the iPad. This was the main reason why i bought the Mixer.

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